Eventful Days at Adamsdale, Mass. - a book by George Henry Lewis
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Eventful Days at Adamsdale, Mass.

Special Mention

A sketch like this would hardly be complete without mention of other helpers, not prominent in the foregoing history, who yet have done efficient service.

Among those who have been promoted from among us to a reward higher in life are:

Charter member of the Sunday School and teacher until her death in 1879
MRS. BARTON I. CHASE, a charter member of the Sunday School and teacher of a class until her death in October 1879. A quiet but efficient and esteemed helper.

Charter member of the Sunday School and "one of its strong pillars"
MR. and MRS. HENRY A. CLARK, parents of Mrs. J. L. Wightman and Mrs. Frank E. Gay. He was a man of excellent spirit, "always doing good," she a devoted wife, good neighbor, sweet Christian, a charter member of the Sunday School and "one of its strong pillars." Mrs. Clark died in September 1895; Mr. Clark surviving until June 1907.

MR. and MRS. JOSPEH B. CARPENTER, old residents of Adamsdale, and their names intimately associated with its history. Mr. Carpenter was one of the Building Comittee for the erection of the chapel. He died in June 1908, his worthy wife having gone before in November 1895.

GEORGE W. GUILD died in February 1908, an early member of the Christian Endeavor Society, and faithful worker therein.

Superintendent 1870-1873; 1875-1877; 1897-1899
Trustee 1883-1901
HENRY A. GUILD was a helper and leader in our work from its inception, a man of fine spirit and with the capacity for interesting others. He was born March 6, 1841, and died July 16, 1901.

Pastor of the Central Falls Congregational Church from 1867 till his death, 1911
A life-long friend
REV. JAMES H. LYON, pastor of the Congregational Church in Central Falls from 1867 till his death in 1911, was the pastor of our founder and of other leaders in the earlier days of our work, and always interested to follow the progress in this field. He delivered the address at the laying of the corner-stone of the Chapel in 1883 and took part at the dedication service in the same year.

MRS. CYNTHIA (CHACE) HUDSON, mother of Miss Bertha and Wendell Hudson, was for many years a faithful attendant and worker in the Sunday School.

MRS. EMILY (CARPENTER) METCALF was our first organist.

MRS. EMMA (CORNELL) PAUL is well remembered for her good work as a teacher.

JAMES NEWELL was supervisor of the seventh school district in 1860 when the Cushman Union Sunday School was organized. Later he became a very successful teacher in the school.

The older villagers remember with gratitude the delightful messages of Rev. George Miner of Pawtucket, who was a frequent preacher in the little school house some forty odd years ago. George M. Chace, our benefactor was named for him.

Amonth those yet with us and deserving special mention for their good works' sake are:

Superintendent 1895-1897; 1902-date
Deacon 1914-date Trustee 1914-date
MR. and MRS. J. L. WIGHTMAN, devoted helpers for many years in every possible way.
Teacher for many years. A wise counsler and safe leader

Assistant Superintendent 1908-date
Deacon 1914-date Trustee 1914-date
PETER DEAN, came from England and settled in Adamsdale 1901, buying that same year the Lee farm which he now occupies. Helpful especially in the musical part of the services, and "ready always for every good work."

A willing and devoted helper in many capacities
MISS FLORICE A. GUILD, daughter of worthy parents, a life long resident, early in life consecrated to the Master's service, a willing and devoted helper, whose years of service in many capacities in Sunday School, C. E. Society and Church are greatly appreciated.

Pastor of the Oldtown Congregational Church from 1869 to date
A helper and comforter on many occasions. Loved by all
REV. JOHN WHITEHILL, pastor of the First Congregational Church, Oldtown, North Attleboro, since 1869, has been a freind and helper of the work at Adamsdale from its beginning. He was born in Scotlandm came to this country at the age of eleven, studied at AMherst College and Andover Seminary. His name is known and held in esteem throughout all this region.

Proprietor of Adamsdale Mill 1867-1899
Chairman Board of Trustees 1883-date
HON. JOHN F. ADAMS, former mayor of Pawtucket and once proprietor of the cotton mill at Lanesville, an active helper in the earlier days of our work, is still one of our trustees and interested in our prosperity, though living in Pawtucket. Besides his business and political distinctions he is well known as a composer of music. He acted as organist at the laying of the cornerstone and at the dedication of the Chapel, and has often spoken at special services.

MRS. NANCY (CARPENTER) HIXON, an old and successful teacher in our Sunday School, now lives in Cumberland, R.I.

MRS. IMOGENE Maxcy, who also, rendered valuable service as a Sunday School teacher, now resides in Hebronville, Mass.

MISS EMMA LEWIS, at one time organist, Sunday School and Christian Endeavor worker, lives in Carver, Mass., with her sister, Miss Mary E. Lewis, also a willing and devoted helper and first President of our Christian Endeavor Society.

MRS. BENJAMIN TARBOX, for eight years our efficient church secretary, now lives in Hope Valley, R. I.

MISS BERTHA HUDSON continues to render helpful service as soloist and worker.

MISS ERNESTINE BRIEN is a helper in so many fields of activity that it is hard enumerate them.

We would not forget MRS. FRANK E. GAY, daughter of the late Henry A. and Julia (Guild) Clark. She is the mother of nine mighty fine children, all of whom are members of our Sunday School.

Among our church workers who have done much to make our social life clean, sweet and wholesome, alike to our friends and neighbors are Mrs. Asa A. Newell, Mrs. George Carpenter, Mrs. Arthur Newell, Mrs. Nellie Winterbottom, Mrs. Elizabeth Parker, Mrs. George King, Jr., Mrs. Wendell Hudson, Mrs. Peter Dean, Mrs. May Lake and Mrs. Irving White.

Trustee 1883-date Secretary-Treasurer of Sunday School 1877-date
HENRY B. CARPENTER and CHARLES A. CARPENTER have given gratuitous services as sexton since the erection of the Chapel in 1883, an important service fathfully rendered through the years, and well worth commemorating.
Trustee 1883-date

CHARLES B. DONLE of Providence has visted us many times and given interesting addresses to the Sunday School.

GEORGE A. LIVINGSTON, superintendent of the M. E. Sunday School in North Attleboro, has been a helper on several occasions, both as speaker and singer.

ELMER C, WIGHTMAN of Pawtucket, worthy som of our superintendent, has done generous service with his automobile in conveying speakers and others back and forth between the church and car line.