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The Commando Cubs
The Commando Cubs

Character(s): The Commando Cubs
Publication: Thrilling Comics No. 57
Publication Date: December 1946
Publisher: Standard Magazines, Inc.

   The Commando Cubs were a group of five youngsters who hung around Liverpool during World War II looking for action. The Commando Cubs were not officially attached to a real commando unit, but they were always looking for a way to ditch their school work and go fight in the war. As you will see in the adventure reprinted here, the team stuck together after the end of the war.

   The leader of the Commando Cubs was a dark-haired youth named Ace. The other members were Spud, Horace, Whizzer, and Pokey. None of them had any special powers, but Horace was the smartest member of the group, obviously, because he wore glasses.

   The Commando Cubs appeared in Thrilling Comics 36-52, 55-60, 63 & 65. They also appeared in America's Best Comics nos. 27 and 28 and America's Biggest Comics Book, an oddly-named one-shot from 1944.

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