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Joust Video Game on a Cell PhoneJoust Video Game on a cell phone
What's next? Pinball on a cell phone?
Joust The MovieJoust The Movie
OK, this never happened.
Next should be Joust on a cell phone..
Or how about "Joust Wars"!
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Pinball Matrixing: Published 04/21/2013

On this episode of the Ben Heck Show, Ben gives an overview of what it takes to build a

pinball game and goes into detail on the electronic aspects on his Ghost Squad pinball game.

For more information visit

"Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991" Pinbot as a video game
  • In History... Nintendo Campus Challenge 1991 - History of Gaming
  • The mechanical pinball machine "Pinbot" was made into a video game as part of a contest of games.
  • See the video for more details.
  • This Nintendo group of contest games was rated (as of 01/20/2015) number 5 of the Top 10 Rare and Collectable Video Games

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  • Pinball's/Video's Pfutz Programmed

    1. Seawitch, '80
    2. Quick silver, '80
    3. Flight 2000, '80
    4. Cosmic Gunfight , 82
    5. Varkon, '82 (pin in a video cabinet)
    6. Joust, '83 (video)
    7. Star Rider, '84 (sit down video laser disk game, part of a big team)
      - (Dragons-lair project)
    8. A couple of pinball games that never went into production
    9. Comet, '85 (It was mostly finished by Brian Dolotowski, I just added a lot of "flash")
    10. Pinbot, '86
    11. A few Shuffle alleys, (the bowling games)
    12. Millionaire, '87
    13. Big Guns, '87
    14. Cyclone, '88
    15. Jokerz!, '88
    16. Police force, '89
    17. Whirlwind, '90
    18. Dr. Dude, '90
    19. Slugfest, '91 (baseball game)
    20. Doctor Who, '92 (and I co-designed this one with Barry Oursler!)
    21. Bram Stoker's Dracula, '93
    22. Goofy Hoops, '94 (ball catch redemption game)
    23. helped on odd games at Capcom, '95-96
      Jupiter Games
    24. Wacky Ducks, '2000 (Ticket redemption, prototypes only)
      Pixy Games
    25. Pixy Prize, '2001 (capsule dispensor, prototypes only)
    26. Fishin Treasure, '2002
      Entergament Inc
    27. SeaQuaizy Tickets, '2003 (formerly Seaquarium)
      Chicago Gaming Compnany, Inc.
    28. Nicktoons Racing Video, '2003
      Incredible Technologies
    29. Nighthawk (Coin-Op) Platform: Linux OS/Drivers & System libraries.
    30. Orange County Choppers 2005: video pinball, part of a team of game programmers
    31. Silver Strike Bowling 2009: video game, part of a team of game programmers
    32. Silver Strike Bowling 2013: video game, game programmer
    33. Raven Platform (Gaming): Linux Drivers: Sound, Printers, Bill/Ticket acceptors, GAT3/GAT3.5.
    34. Cars (Magic Touch) 2012: Slot machine, game programmer for bonus game "Truck'n for Bucks"
    35. Pin-Up Girls (Magic Touch) 2012: Slot machine (skin of Money), 1 of 2 game programmers
    36. Keno 2010-2012: Slot machine, game programmer, various packages
    37. Lucky Teddy Bears 2013: Slot machine, 1 of 2 game programmers
    38. Rorschach Riches 2013: Slot machine, 1 of 2 game programmers
    39. Wizard King 2013: Slot machine, 1 of 2 game programmers
    40. Medieval Gold 2014: Slot machine, 1 of 2 game programmers
    41. Tyrannosaur 2014: Slot machine, 1 of 2 game programmers
    42. Cash Fairies 2014: Slot machine, 1/2 of 2 game programmers
    43. Lions Roar: Slot machine, 1/2 of 2 game programmers
    44. Money Rain 2014: Slot machine, 1 of 2 game programmers
    45. Valkyrie Legends 2014: Slot machine, 1 of 2 game programmers
    46. Samurai Gold 2014: Slot machine, 1/2 of 2 game programmers
    47. Isles of Gold 2014: Slot machine, 1 of 2 game programmers
    48. Hidden Temple 2014: Slot machine, 1 of 2 game programmers
    49. Cascader Invaders 2014: Slot machine, 1 of 2 game programmers