May 5, 2014

Remember this well:
“Do not meddle in the affairs of Dragons
for you are crunchy and
good with ketchup.”

Welcome to the Dragonman's Lair!

I've finally become fed up with Facebook and their penchant for bombing my page with ads, so I'm creating my own Blog. Sure, I could have gone the Wordpress or Tumblr route, but hey, I've always enjoyed doing things my own way! Besides, this way, it is guaranteed there will never be any ads on these pages . . . unless I'm the one getting paid for it!

Being a blog, these pages are always being worked on and added to, but sometimes the work happens slowly. The date above will tell you when I've added anything new. This page is an entry point, though, and you may need to leave this page to get the full story for new entries.

National Bike Challenge Is Open

Logo for the League of American Bicyclist's National Bike ChallengeThis is a no cost, no sponsor challenge: how many miles can you roll up between May 1 and September 30, 2014. If you are a Pittsburgher, you can also have the added pleasure of trouncing Cleveland (once again!) for the Rust Cup, a sub-competition between Bike Pittsburgh and Bike Cleveland. Last year's numbers were not even close and we are defending the cup for both the number of riders and the total number of miles logged.

More than a challenge, this is a real good way to show your support for bicycle rights and keep good, safe bicycling in the public eye. To register, go to the Challenge's website:


This year, the Challenge is using some other sports websites to assist with the mileage collection, so you may need to register with them as well. I'm not plugging them, but I've been on one of the choices, Endomondo, for over a year and they are spam free.

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Parking Jerks' Wall Of Shame

You know that parking space hog that just has to take more than one spot? Sure, I know you've seen cars parked like that. Well, The Dragonman has a place to “honor” these wonders of the urban world. Follow this link to go to my Parking Jerks page.

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Fall — A Few Weeks In

Nature always changes. I find it interesting to go back to some of my favorite scenic spots and enjoy the changes. Recently I returned to the bridge over Chartier's Creek and found the same view I had seen a few weeks before — only it wasn't the same.

See the difference a few weeks makes and read the latest from the Dragonman's Bicycle Blog by following this link to the story “Fall — A Few Weeks In”.

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Visit the Dragonman Speaks! Web Site to learn about the human behind the Dragon. Click the picture below to go to the site.

Click this graphic to go to the website The Dragonman Speaks!

or go to http://home.comcast.net/~dragonmanspeaks

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Las Vegas 2009

Las Vegas skyline showing New York New York and Hard Rock Cafe

Alright, so it is not quite on par with finding lost photos of aliens in Area 51, but I recently came across some photos from my last trip to Las Vegas, just before New Years, 2009.
Check out the page for that trip!

Me and my cousin Gloria sharing a hug in the Hotel Ballagio lobby

December 18, 2011
As I was putting the above web page together about my last Las Vegas trip, I received word that my cousin Gloria Bransky passed away at 78 years old. Here she is, a young and vibrant 76, in the lobby of the Hotel Bellagio. Gloria was a long time resident of Las Vegas and loved to lunch at their café.

She will not be forgotten by me or my family.

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Japan Adventure
June 16 - June 25, 2009

Link to David and Mitchell Travel Japan Website. Click this image to follow the link to the website.

To visit the Japan Adventure web site, click the banner above.

I spent 10 wonderful days in Japan. The trip is told in a blog format and is being illustrated with the photos I took. There are still lots of photos to catalog and work into the story, so check back frequently.

The Japan Trip is still being worked on. This is a more massive project than I realized. Please be patient!

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Some other things to keep you occupied…

Dragons like to hoard stuff. I give into my draconic nature through hoarding books. Depending on where you click, this link will either take you to the book you are pointing at or my LibraryThing profile and library listing. Click on "Books from my LibraryThing" for my profile or a specific book for more information on that book.

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And Speaking of books…

Can't figure out what to read next? Check out the Carnegie Library for the Blind's Blogging Book Topics page!