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Will and Inventory of William Gifford, of Sandwich, Massachusetts (1687-1688)





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All people to whome these presents shall come es know ye that

William Gifford of the Towne of Sandwich in New England being

Weake in Body but through the mercy of god have my understanding and

Memory continued unto mee and having in my consideration the shortness

the uncertainty of my Continnuance here in this world and being also will

and desireous to set in order my outward consearns and to dispose of the

Remaining parte of that Estate wch god hath given me; I do make this

My Last Will and Testament, hereby Revoking and making void all other

and former wills what soever, where fore besides what I have alredy

given unto all my sons and also to my Daughter

First I now give unto my son John twenty shillings in silver money

2ly I give unto my son Hannaniah ten shillings in silver money

3ly I give unto my son William one stock of Beese

4ly I give unto my son Cristopher one croscutt saw & a new payer of shoose

5ly I give unto my son Robirt five pounds in currant pay to be paid in 2 years after ye date [hereof]

6ly I give unto my Daughter Mary five pounds in currant pay to be paid in 2 years after ye da[te hereof]

7ly I give unto my Grand Daughter Temprance Kerby twenty shillings in silver money

8ly I give unto my two Grand sons John and Robirt Kerby five shillings a pece in silver money

9ly I give unto my two Gran Daughters Experience and Sarah Kerby five shillings each in [silver money]

10ly I give unto all ye Rest of my Grand Children one shilling a piece in silver money

More I give unto my Daughter Mary above mentioned one Cow to be paid 4 years

after the date here of, all my other gifts abovementioned to be paid in 2 years after ye date [hereof] 

Further more I give unto my two sons Namly Jonathan and James Gifford ten Acres of up[land]

being at Suckanesit & Lying by old Rowlies Land in the twenty acres Lots and also one qua[rter]

of a sheare of ye undevided Lands in Suckanesit

For the satisfaction of those who may be conserned here in I hereby give to understand

yt besides wt I have before disposed of having a parcel of Land then Remaining in my posses-

sion and having since disposed of it to my son William, the produce of this Land do I ord[er]

for the satisfying of the perticulers abovementioned, and of what is yet Remaining

do give five pounds to be Improved for the use and service of truth by the Frinds in

Sandwich called quakers

Further I do make my wife Mary the executrix of this my Last will and Testament, Also

I do constitute and make my Loving Frinds the Elder Jacob Mott the Elder of

Road Island Edward Perry and William Allin the overseers of this my will for

true and faithful performance of it  And when these abovementioned gifts are performed

then wt is Remaining of ye above mentioned produce as by Bond may appeare I do

give my above sd overseers full power to help my abovesd Executrix in the

disposing of it as thay shall Judg meet, and that it shall not be disposed off wt

out their Consent   Dated ye ninth day of the second month April 1687


Signed and sealed

In the presence of                                                                     Wlliam   Gifford

John Easten  SS                                                                                    {SEAL}

Samuel Perry                                                                                        his        mark

Edward Perry


Samuel Perry and Edward Perry made oath in ye present

Court at Barnstable March the 7th 1687:8  that they saw

William Gifford signe seal and declare this to be his Last

will and testament         Attest Joseph Lohrop Depty Reg

Taken out of the origanal will, duely Compeared therewith and entered

the 9th of March 1687:8                        Attest Joseph Lothrop D R




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Invintory of the Estate of William Gifford Late of Sandwich

Deceased December the 21th 1687 taken and Aprised by us whose names are

under writen


            t to his purce and Wearing Clothes                                                        07 : 10 : 00

            t to 2 Bull Staggs and 6 Cowes and other young Cattle all at                  23 : 00 : 00

            t to one sow and 7 piggs all at                                                               01 : 00 : 00

            t to two Beds and Bedding at                                                                04 : 00 : 00

            t to two Chests and other Lumber all at                                                 03 : 00 : 00

            t to one Iron kittle & Brass kittle 1 pot & other housould stuff all at        02 : 00 : 00

            t to some new homespun Cloth at                                                          01 : 00 : 00

            t to Butter at                                                                                         02 : 00 : 00

            t to one old mare and two Coults all at                                                  01 : 00 : 00


January the 30th 1687/8

William Bassitt

John Nye

Mary Gifford the Relict of the abovesd

William Gifford made oath to the truth of this

Invintory in the prerogative Court at Barnestable

March the 7th 1687:8    Attest Joseph Lothrop  Depty: Reg


Taken out of the origanal Invintory duely compeared

there with and Entered March the 9th: 1687/8

Attest Joseph Lotherop  D : R


Source:  Barnstable County Probate Records, volume 1, pages 14-15



Original Will of Robert Gifford, of Dartmouth, Massachusetts (1724)





In The Name of God AMEN.  This Twenty Fifth Day of March In the year

of our Lord One Thousand Seven hundred and Twenty four and In the Tenth

Year of The Reign of Our Soveraign Lord George by the Grace of God King of

Great Britain France & Ireland &c.:  I Robert Gifford of Dartmouth In the

County of Bristol In the Province of the Massachusetts Bay In new England yeoman

being desirous To sett my house In order and being of a disposing mind and

Memory Do make & ordain This my last will & Testament.  I Committ my

Soul Into the hands of God that Gave it & my body To the Ground after My dece

:ase To be buryed At the discretion of My Executor, And as Touching my worldly

Estate I Dispose of the same In the manner & form following.  Imprimis I

Give and bequeath To Elizabeth my well beloved wife Twenty Shillings a year

Yearly to be paid her by my Executor during her continuing my widow.  Item my

will is That my Executor pay all my Just debts & funeral charges out of my

moveable Estate.  Item I Give To my son Jeremiah one sedg flat lying In Dart

:mouth aforesd Called & Known by the Name of the Die quott To him & his heirs & assigns

for ever:  And fourty Pounds In such money as shall pass from man to man at the

time of payments, as I shall hereafter in this Instrument order.


Item I give To my son Benjamin besides what I have already given him, The sum

of Ten Pounds In the like manner as my son Jeremiah is.


Item I give to my son Stephen The fifth part of my Ceader swamps In sd Dartmouth

to be to him his heirs & assigns for ever.  And Twenty pounds In money In the like

manner as Jeremiah is


Item I give to my son Timothy one flatt Called one acre of sedg flatt laid

out For me by a draught of lands dated the first of June 1714 signed by

Benjamin Hammond & Benjamin Crane surveyors:  As the same sd Acreis

there bounded be it more or less lying in sd Dartmouth, the same to him his Heirs

& assigns for ever:  And Fourty Pounds Money In the like manner as my son

Jeremiah is:


Item I give To my son Simion whom I do constitute sole Executor of this

my last will & Testament All my Homestead & housing upon the same and

all my land & meadow In a place called Horse neck In sd Dartmouth To him

his Heirs & assigns for ever upon condition of his paying these sums of money

about Expressed, In manner following that is to say To my wife Elizabeth the

yearly sums of fourty shillings & the other sones At Ten pounds a year, and

that to be divided amongst the sd Children abovesd In preparation to the sums

each one is to have till all the abovesd hundred & ten pounds is payed And

to begin his payments at one year after my Decease, Also I Give to my sd son Benja [smeared]

Simion that parcell of land that I have not yet disposed of adjoyning to my son

Benjamins homstead:  he paying one shilling a peace to all my Grandchildren &

twenty shillings to my grand Daughter Experience Daughter to Benjamin.  Also he [to]

have two good fether Beds & furniture & all the Iron & Brass utencells In the house.

Lastly my will is, That all other Estate that I shall dye ceased of & of right belongs

to me which I have not before disposed of wheather of lands or moveables my will

is that It be Equally divided between my five sons, And I Do hereby confirm this

my last will & Testament & hereby make void all & any other will by me hereto

fore made

Signed seald published & Declared by Robert Gifford as his last will & Testament In

the presence of us

            Elisha wing       Ichabod Nye                                        Robart Gifford {SEAL}

            Jabis Hiller        Timothy Ruggles





                                                                        Bristoll sc Aprill ye 21: 1730


Then Before the Honoll Nathaniel Blagrove Esq

Judge of the Probate of Wills &c. Within the County

of Bristoll Came Elisha Wing & Timothy Ruggles Two

of the Wittnesses to the Last Will & Testament of Robart

Gifford Late of Dartmouth Deceased:  And made Oath

that they were present and Did See & hear the said

Deceased Signe Seal Publish and Declare the Same to be

his Last Will and Testament and that he was of a

Sound Disposing mind When he so did:  and that

Ichabod Nye & Jabis Hillar signed as Wittnesses

With them and that they all Signed in the presence

of the Testator


                                                Coram N: Blagrove



                                                Bristoll sc Aprill ye 30: 1730

                                    Entered in the Seventh Book of Wills

                                    Follio 29 & 30

                                    Atd Stephen Paine Register



Source:  Bristol County, Massachusetts, Original Wills