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Phillip G. Goff (click to email)

How I May Help You:

It is natural to want to know about your ancestry. For many people, however, brick walls go up starting just four or five generations ago. Today there are more resources than ever to help discover your ancestry, but piecing together the story can be challenging, even with traditional genealogy tools. With the groundswell in the use of DNA (Y-Chromosome and mtDNA), new skills are required to unlock your heritage in what may otherwise appear to be a string of random DNA numbers.

I have a unique background, which is equally strong in general genealogy research and DNA genealogy analysis. If you have a brick wall in your research, regardless of whether you have or plan to use DNA testing, I may be able to help you break down your brick wall and discover your family history. 


Please contact me for a free assessment and estimate on pushing through your family tree brick wall. 


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