FORTINEUX SURNAME DNA STUDY (Incl. Fortney, Fortna, Furtney and Fordney)

The Fortineux family lived in the Palatinate in the 17th century and descendants include persons living in North America today with the surnames Fortney, Fortna, Furtney, and Fordney. In 1981, descendants of the Fortney and Fortna families made contact and discovered their common heritage as descendants of Jonas Fortney (b Lambrecht, Germany, d 1702/09 probably Otterberg, Germany) and Sara Menton (d 1715 Otterberg, Germany). This initial contact between the Fortney and Fortna families, the first in about 250 years, led to many international family reunions and the 1989 publication of "The Fortineux-Fortinet Family (Fortney, Fortna, Fordney, Furtney) in America."

Unfortunately, not all families with the Fortney, Fortna, Furtney, Fordney or similar names can be traced to Jonas Fortineux. In some cases, this is due to weak paper trails due to lost records, while in other cases the family may simply have a different ancestry. In addition, no record of Jonas Fortineux has been located in Lambrecht, Germany, from where he originated. The goal of the Fortineux Surname DNA Study is two-fold:

1. To discover the ancestors of Jonas Fortinuex, including their geographic movements 

2. To help people who believe they may be descended from Jonas Fortineux to strengthen weak genealogy paper trails

The Fortineux Surname DNA Study is focused on the Y-chromosome. The Y-chromosome is passed, substantially unchanged, only from father to son, much like surnames. As such, the Y-chromosome is an excellent tool for studying the Fortineux surname.

Here are the building blocks to the test:

Here’s an analogy from the Genealogy-DNA Rootsweb List that helps to explain these terms. Let’s say you stand in front of the United Nations building in New York City. As members exit the building, you observe their attire, appearance and language. From your observations, you draw conclusions as to the country of origin of each member. The attire, appearance and language represent DYS markers. When considered together, much like a haplotype formed from DYS markers, one may guess at the country of origin, which symbolizes the haplogroup.

We already have some participants and some early results, but more are needed to determine the haplotype of Jonas Fortineux. Please note that only males with an unbroken male line back to Jonas Fortineux are eligible to participate in the Fortineux Surname DNA Study. Females cannot join the study as they do not have a Y-chromosome, but are encouraged to support the project by recruiting or sponsoring a male relative. There are three testing laboratories available to participants. At this time, DNA Heritage offers the best value and turnaround time. 

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DNA Heritage ("DNAH")

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# Markers Tested 25 25
Sample Collection Method Three cheek swabs, which are like a Q-tip/cotton-bud Two cheek scrapes
Turnaround Time 2 - 3 1/2 weeks (advertised)

7 weeks (advertised)

4 - 9 weeks (actual)

Price - 26/25 markers (baseline testing)

$149.75 US



$148.00 US
Price - 43/37 markers (better resolution)

$189.00 US

$189.00 US
Price - 67 markers (best available) NA $269 US
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Procedure Instructions will be included in the kit that DNAH sends to you A scrape from the inside of each cheek taken several hours apart. Instructions will be included in the kit that FTDNA sends to you
Mail the gum/swab to lab DNAH provides return envelope FTDNA provides return envelope
Payment Method Credit card Credit card or invoice