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It is the ONLY book ever published that is focused on this particular subject. If you are a student, researcher, friend or family member of a victim or a victim yourself it provides information about research, stories from real victims, a comprehensive self-help chapter, details myths and misinformation, catalogues resistance to the issue and explains why it exists, and offers a comprehensive list of low-expense solutions that can be adopted by public and private agencies.

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Here are just a FEW of the many reviews received for Abused Men-The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence:

"It reads like 1,000 Dear Abby letters…Fascinating…but it explains the many aspects of domestic violence. A wealth of material that could be helpful.” --’Dear Abby’ Abigail Van Buren, Syndicated Columnist.

“The wife with a rolling pin is no joke, but a statistical fact…Cook shows at length, that the sexes have two contrasting strategies…By Cook’s own standards, those of a journalist, this is a highly successful book.” --West Coast Review of Books

“Unique. It is a book likely to be helpful to many men, and if action is taken on the agenda outlined in the final chapter, to our country as a whole.” --Murray A. Straus, Ph.D., Co-Director Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire. Co-Author, Behind Closed Doors-Violence in the American Family.

“Cook writes in an interesting and inviting manner, the engaging style of a journalist providing an in-depth discussion of a topic that he acknowledges is controversial, emotionally laden, and in conflict with many beliefs about abuse and violence in America." -Journal of Marriage and the Family

Philip W. Cook is available to speak to your organization or media outlet. He has appeared on CNN, MSNBC, The O’Reilly Factor, The Crier Report, Sally Jesse Raphael Show, The Montel Williams Show, The Home and Family Network, the Jim Bohannon, Dirk Van and G. Gordon Liddy national radio shows, more than 50 local radio talk shows, and articles about his work have appeared in the national Canadian and U.S. Associated Press, Law Enforcement Technology Magazine, Physicians Assistance Magazine, Medical Economics Magazine, and more than a dozen daily newspapers. If you are a media outlet or wish to contact Mr. Cook about a professional keynote address or workshop click here for details.

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