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Reviews & Comments about Abused Men-The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence


"Fascinating -- but it explains the many aspects of domestic violence. A wealth of material that could be helpful to professionals who deal with domestic violence."

-- "Dear Abby" Abigail Van Buren, Syndicated Columnist.


"I appreciate the balance achieved in addressing a topic, usually ignored, in a era of accusations and hysteria that often detracts from the actual aggression and violence that affects domestic relations. This book is a real contribution that will help in the education of all professionals in the fields of sociology and mental health."

-- Stanley Sturges, M.D. Medical Director, Caremark Behavioral Health Services, Diplomate Board of Psychiatry, Life Fellow, American Psychiatric Association.


"Unique. It is a book likely to be helpful to many men, and if action is taken on the agenda outlined in the final chapter, to our country as a whole."

-- Murray A. Straus, Ph.D., Co-Director Family Research Laboratory, University of New Hampshire. Co-Author, Behind Closed Doors-Violence in the American Family


"Philip W. Cook is acutely aware that it would be wholly counterproductive if the difficult and still under-researched subject of abused men were either hijacked by the men’s rights’ tendency or dismissed out of hand by the fringe of the women’s movement ... Not least because violent women seem so often to have been the victims of domestic abuse themselves."

--The London Observer


"I am grateful to Philip Cook for writing Abused Men. This is a brave book. He brings to bear in this book his knowledge as a journalist and his evident care and compassion for all victims of domestic violence."

--Erin Pizzey, Founder Chiswick Women’s Refuge. Author, Scream Quietly or the Neighbors Will Hear. (Pizzey is the founder of the modern battered women’s movement. Her book and shelter were the first in the world).


"Thought provoking research which will stimulate further inquiry into human behavior long neglected."

--Ronald R. Still, M.S., Chief of Police (Retired), Portland, Oregon.


"Very thought-provoking and well researched. Should aid in educating medical professionals regarding this potential diagnosis as well as help shape our legal approach."

--Kenneth H. Coleman, M.D., J.D., Emergency Physician and Attorney. Past member, YWCA Domestic Violence Advisory Board.


"Perhaps with this book, Philip Cook can accomplish what academics have for the past 25 years failed to do - to cut through the political rhetoric and finally present the case of abused men as a real social problem. Philip Cook goes beyond the issue of battered males as he sheds incredible insight into the systemic problem of family violence. Perhaps now, couples experiencing violence in their relationships can be helped. His case material sadly brings to life the statistics researchers generate."

--Reena Sommer, Ph.D., former Assistant Professor University of Manitoba, Family Counselor.


"Cooks achievement is admirable. Not only does he cover his topic succinctly and thoroughly, meticulously documenting each step he takes, but he also delves into a number of pertinent related issues lesser authors might have missed entirely. Cook always manages to keep his eye on the larger picture, discussing the disturbing cycle of violence often created when battering is witnessed by children. Cook encourages us to give up competing to be victims, to resist the suggestion that attempting to understand a family dynamic I which both men and women contribute to violence is blaming the victim’ and instead to work together to end this abomination. Cook has written a remarkable, invaluable book."

--"Transitions" The Journal of Men’s Perspectives


"Mr. Cook argues persuasively that we may be looking at only half the problem, and we’re neglecting the needs of male victims. It also seems clear that much of Mr. Cook’s work applies equally to abused people of either gender, and he offers practical suggestions for the abused. His solutions would impact all cases of domestic violence and are well worth our consideration."

--Rob Solomon, M.A., LPC, Counselor, Author, Full-Esteem Ahead.


"Mr. Cook has made a major contribution to ending the silence of battered men and uncovering their plight. Although his book is written largely from an American perspective, there is much in it that will be of use to those in the UK who wish to inform themselves on men abused by their female partners. His sensitive, yet analytical, presentation of the subject is something many men need to read, but all women should read. If the book has an impact in allowing men, who find themselves abused by their female partner, to seek and obtain help and advice from professionals and agencies sensitized to them much will have been achieved. If this outcome is attained the even greater benefit is that no men will have any excuse whatsoever for using abuse or violence against his female partner. I believe Mr. Cook’s book is a major step forward in the fight against domestic abuse to the benefit of all non violent women and men. I heartily recommend it."

--Dr. Malcolm George F.R.S.A. Dept. of Physiology, Basic Medical Sciences, St Bartholomew’s and Royal London HMS, Queen Mary and Westfield College


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