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Memoirs of a Farm Boy in the 1930's

A story of a farm boy's life on a "Truck Farm" in Princess Anne County, Va. during the 1920's and 1930's. Included are very old photographs.

Memories of Bertha Richards Phillips

My mother, Bertha Phillips, while in her eighties wrote a diary of her childhood memories. The time period covers from the mid 1800's till 1972..

My Help Pages on Software Programs

Links to my individual "Help" documents. Included are: Photography, Netscape Communicator, WORD, Coffee Cup HTML editor, Windows XP, Paint Shop Pro.

Phillips Portal, A Page of Links by Subject

Many links to various portals, magazines/new, stock/finances, religion, great men, health/nutrition, PSP, HTML, and historical sites.

My Photo Gallery. Initially Epcot Scenes

My first gallery of pictures shows scenes taken at Epcot in Disney World, FL. The first page consists of thumbnails that point to 640 x 480 images.

My Photography Notes

A 22 page document on digital photography and related subjects. It is in the form of Questions and Answers. Much More.

Dr. Charles Phillips College Home Page

Home Page of my son, Dr. Charles Phillips, who teaches a number of English courses in the Southside Virginia Community College.

Glossary of Literary Terms

A glossary of Literary, Rhetorical, and Linguistic Terms prepared by my son, Dr. Charles Phillips, Associate Professor of English.


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