Create an Atmosphere That Is Alive and Fun, in your:

Health institution

Examples of presentations include:

  • Living Healthier and Happier Ever Laughter
  • Humor and Fun Do Work at Work ~
    Building Teamwork, Creativity, and Morale

  • Putting Heart and Humor to Work ~
    Transforming the Way You Work, Think, and Live

  • Living, Loving, and Laughing with Stress ~
    The Light Approach to Stress Management

  • Humor as a Faith Lift ~
    Humor, Health, and Holiness

  • Add More Years to Your life and More Life to Your Years
  • Cashing in on Change So It Doesn't Get You Down
  • What to Do if Your Back Goes Out More Often Than You Do
  • Using Humor and Play to Inspire Creativity
  • Your Playful Genius: A Workshop Just for Fun!
  • Yoga for Longevity and Happiness
Will customize presentations according to your organizationís needs. For more information, contact Phil at (800) 815-7374 or by email.
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