Laughter Is a Good Stretch, Too!
   Humor, Health, Yoga, and Bliss

This is a workshop that raises your yoga practice and your spirits to a new level, so needed in these stressful times that make it too easy for us to lose heart.  A sense of humor can help us find our heart again, and can reinvigorate our practice and commitment to a life of health and inspiration.

The greatest yogis and sages worldwide have recognized the importance of humor and a cheerful disposition. They have always known that too much seriousness feeds the ego and dampens the spirit, while a sense of humor broadens our perspective and lifts our spirits.

When we have been hit hard by difficulty or tragedy, a good laugh can "resurrect" us, helping us rise above and live beyond the affliction. Radio personality Garrison Keillor (Prairie Home Companion) said: “Humor is not a trick, not jokes. Humor is a presence in the world — like grace — and shines on everybody.” Even in the darkest circumstances, or the most difficult yoga postures, we can and must keep a light on inside, "a presence in the world that shines on everybody."

However, too often yoga is practiced with a heavy seriousness, which only creates more tension. (How often do we see models in yoga magazines looking delighted in their poses? Usually they appear dead serious!) We can be serious about our practice, but we need not take ourselves so seriously in our practice.

Laughter Is a Good Stretch, Too  teaches us how to practice yoga with a lightness of being. It helps us gain a deeper understanding of yoga and a greater appreciation of humor, both which bring releases that keep us loose, energized, mentally sharp, physically and emotionally resilient, and well-grounded on our spiritual path.

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Phil would be delighted to present Laughter Is a Good Stretch, Too! at your studio or conference.

Comments from Participants

"Phil knows how to lighten your heart in a most yogic way!"
Rama Berch, RYT; originator of Svaroopa
® yoga and founder of Master Yoga Foundation, headquartered in La Jolla, California.
Also, founding president of Yoga Alliance, the national professional organization providing standards, recognition, and support for yoga teachers.

“This workshop should be compulsory for everyone at the conference!”
Monica Voss, presenter and participant, Unity in Yoga International Conference, 1995; teacher at Esther Myer's Yoga Studio, Toronto.

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