"Yoga is not about becoming a pretzel. Yoga is about becoming a human being." ~ Phil Milgrom, R.Y.T.

Phil Milgrom has been teaching yoga since 1974 and studying yoga since 1970. He teaches classes at The Centered Place Yoga Studio in Warren, MA., which he co-directs with his life partner, Nancy Nowak. He also teaches classes in Chelmsford, MA. He is certified, and he is a Registered Yoga Teacher (R.Y.T.) in the Svaroopa style. He is also certified as a yoga therapist and Embodyment (one-on-one, hands on healing using the principles of Svaroopa yoga) practitioner.

Yoga is both a physical and meditative practice. It is low impact and yet has high impact on your health. Anyone can practice yoga. Yoga is beneficial to all, no matter what your shape, size, or age. Flexibility is not a prerequisite for yoga it is an outcome.

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Laughter Is a Good Stretch, Too workshop

The Benefits of Yoga

Remember - yoga is excellent for your heart and circulation, and it is a powerful tool for relieving stress. The practice of yoga teaches you how to stay centered and calm even in the most stressful times, and how to conserve and increase precious energy. It helps develop self-awareness and to increase respect for, and balance of, all aspects of our being emotional, mental, spiritual, as well as physical. Many of these parts of ourselves tend to be neglected in the pressures and busy-ness of the work day.

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