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2011 Shortwave Guide
2008 Shortwave Radio Picks
2006 Radio Buying Guide
2005 Portable Guide
2005 Tabletop Guide
SSB Cookbook NEW!

Block Diagrams
DE1103 Block Diagram
DE1102 Block Diagram
DE1101 Block Diagram
KA2100 Block Diagram

"Must-Read" Article
Tuning Tricks Challenge SAM

Reviews and Comparisons
KA2100 Superior by Design
DE1102 Mini-Cookbook
DE1103 Cheat Sheet 
PL390 Cheat Sheet
Eton E1 SWL Tips
FRG100 SWL Tips
R8B versus R75
E1 versus Sat800
E1 Flaws List
S10MK2 versus R75
English Broadcasts Statistics
Graphs JPEG Eng1 Eng2
DE108 Mini-Radio
Scanning Speed War

ICOM R75 Related
R75 Cookbook
Fidelity Increase Mod
Fidelity Increase Mod Notes
Cheap AM Filter Mod
ECSS Volume Mod
Voice Synthesizer Volume
Display Frequency Calibration
Pete's MW Attenuator Mod
Soldering Lessons
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Dr. Phil's Radio Designs

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Hacking the Si4734
Si4734 Hardware Guide
Si4734 Software Guide
Si4734 Shortwave Antennas
Si4734 KK-D48L
Si4734 Homebrew Radio
Si4734 Offset Tuning!
Si4734 Digital Filters
PL390 FM DX King

Hacking the Si4835
Hacking the KA321 NEW!
Current Wars NEW!
Si4831 Mechanical Tuning
RadioShack 12-586 NEW!
Single Triode Receivers
Regerative Plate Detector
Hellenedyne II
JFET Hellenedyne NEW!
Calculate Transconductance
Hellenedyne Addendum
Single Transistor Receivers
Globe Patrol Junior
Science Fair Radio NEW!
Dee/Mitch-dyne II

Single Transistor FM DX
Heliosdyne NEW!
Heliosdyne Photos
Pics JPEG Helio1 Helio2
Heliosdyne Addendum
Angelodyne Detector

Sony Walkman Mods
S10MK2 to Shortwave
S10MK2 Handbook NEW!
SRF59 to Shortwave
SRF59 Handbook

SRF59 Audio 12MB WAV

Pentode Superregenerator
QRP Tube Superregen
Oscillodyne Superregen

Vacuum Tube Charts
Charts JPEG Rare QRP Space 

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Hellenedyne Homebrew
Hellenedyne in Contest 1
Hellenedyne in Contest 2
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