Railfanning Cumberland

There is a lot of rail activity in Cumberland, as well as a lot of rail history. The first thing to say is, BE SAFE! CSXT does not want to separate you into various body parts, and we don't want that mess either. Use common sense. Railroads are private property, and are dangerous places. Don't trespass.

Be sure to ride the Western Maryland Scenic RR over the old WM and C&P tracks to Frostburg.

Here's a map of Cumberland, and the rail lines.

Things to see:

1) The Amtrak Station, site of the B&O Queen City Station (1872-1971), across from the Holiday Inn. Catch the Capitol Limited.

2) The restored WM Station, Canal Place, and the WM Scenic RR.

3) The Viaduct - where the B&O (now CSXT) splits as it heads westward.

4) the Narrows

5) Sandpatch.

6) Westernport, Piedmont, Luke, and the 17 mile grade.

7) CSXT yards and shops, South Cumberland.

8) a pilgrimage to Mt. Savage, home of the first AMERICAN iron rail.

9) The South Branch Valley, and the Potomac Eagle.

10) The B&O's Magnolia cut-off.