Pennsylvania Railroad in Maryland.

The Pennsylvania Railroad in Maryland was incorporated on January 12, 1876, and the first rail was laid in May of 1879. When completed in June of 1879, the line stretched some 6 1/2 miles from Cumberland to the Pennsylvania state line, where it connected with the Bedford & Bridgeport, controlled by the PRR. The first train ran on December 2, 1879. Eventually the railroad provided through passenger connections to Washington and New York. Coal traveled from the Georges Creek region to the Pennsylvania's export dock at South Amboy, NJ.

At the West end of Cumberland, an area known as City Junction, the line had to cross the C&P's Potomac Wharf Branch, which was there first. The Pennsylvania Railroad in Maryland line had been built from the Pennsylvania state line to the west side of the Narrows. It was their intent to continue down the north side of the Narrows, along with the C&P and B&O mains, to Cumberland. The C&P persuaded the other road to bridge Will's Creek, and continue down the south side of the Narrows, then cross the C&P's Potomac Wharf Branch at City Junction. When the line was built to City Junction, the C&P changed its mind. It kept an engine parked at the intended crossing point, blocking construction. When the engine was a bit late getting back into position one day, the Pa. trackmen forced the crossing. The C&P trackmen tore it out. Tempers flared. The C&P raised its trackbed, making crossing impossible. The final issues were decided in court, in favor of allowing the crossing.

The Pennsylvania Railroad in Maryland was intended to provide competition to the B&O. The City of Cumberland held a $65,000 second mortgage, with no interest for 30 years. This line was consolidated with the Georges Creek & Cumberland in 1888. That line was absorbed into the Western Maryland Railway. PRR trains provided service from Cumberland until 1934. The Penn Central abandoned the line to Bedford in 1972, and the Western Maryland State Line Branch was removed in 1982.

train on the bridge at the west end of the Narrows

This bridge was removed in the late 1980's