Between Silver Spring Metro Station and Interim Capital Crescent Trail in Lyttonsville.


Follow this route at your own risk. The route does require riding on-road and crossing several busy streets. Road and traffic conditions may change and some hazards may not be identified. I can make no guarantee of safety.




Mile: Leg: Direction: Street:


0.0 0.0 Start Go up Second Ave. alongside McDonalds, across

Colesville Road from the S.S. Metro Station.

0.3 0.3 Straight Cross Spring Street, enter Woodside on Second Ave.

0.8 0.5 Straight Cross 16th Street on Second Ave. (Caution turning traffic)

0.9 0.1 Left Grace Church Road.

1.1 0.2 Left Cross one-lane bridge and follow Talbot Ave.

1.3 0.2 Left Michigan Ave.

1.3 0.1 Right Pennsylvania Ave.

1.4 0.1 Left Kansas Ave.

1.5 0.1 Right Take connecting path through parking lot.

1.5 0.0 Straight Continue on Stewart Ave.

1.6 0.1 End Interim Capital Crescent Trail begins on LEFT, before the

hill to Brookville Road.



Mile: Leg: Direction: Street:


0.0 0.0 Start At end of Interim CCT, go RIGHT on Stewart Ave.

to the small parking lot.

0.1 0.1 Straight Take the connecting path through the parking lot to

Kansas Ave.

0.1 0.0 Left Kansas Ave.

0.2 0.1 Right Pennsylvania Ave.

0.3 0.1 Left Michigan Ave.

0.3 0.1 Right Talbot Ave.

0.5 0.2 Left Cross the one-lane bridge behind the elementary school.

0.5 0.0 Right Grace Church Road

0.7 0.2 Right Second Ave.

0.8 0.1 Straight Cross 16th Street on Second Ave. (Caution turning traffic)

1.3 0.5 Straight Cross Spring Street on Second Ave., enter Business District

1.6 0.3 End S. S. Metro Station is across Colesville Road.