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     The poll on the right margin of the screen is important to the science staff.  We do want to know what our community wants.  What is success for a science program?

     If you choose "Grades" then what you think is an indicator is the average grade assigned toi the students at the end of the semester.

     If you choose "Standardized Scores" then you think that the main indicator of a quality science program is student performance on standardized tests like the ACT or Advanced Placement Science Scores.

     If you choose "Science Competitors"  then you want to have students so interested in science that they participate in extracurricular activities like science fairs, cipher competitions & regional academic competitions.

      If you choose "Science Winners" then you think that the competitors from McGill-Toolen Cathlic High School should be recognized for the level of skill they have developed while students in the cience program.

      While it is possible that a school program can excel in all the areas listed it is only right to provide the most appropriate focus.  We would like to know what those most interested in science think!

     Thank you!

Tim B

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