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They fought for us......It is time we fought for them!

Something that is heard all too often is:
"I am only one person - what difference can that make?"

The answer is:
A whole lot!

Try to imagine a world...
a world where nobody acted
"because they were just one person"...

Imagine if Abe Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr.,
Mother Teresa, Ghandi or others like them ...

men and women like the Policemen, Firemen,
& civilians that rushed to the aid of others during
(and after) the Attack on America ...

had believed one person could not make
a difference or said "no I can't"

What you can do

Contact your elected officials!

Whitehouse contact page
US House of Representatives
US Senate

Live in Florida?
Email Governor Crist

Read my letter to former Gov. Bush
and the response from his office

Adopt a POW/MIA

Help spread the word about our missing veterans!
Show the world you care!
If you want to adopt a POW/MIA and make a difference
click on the bracelet below

Click on the graphic below to go to our Remembrance page,

or click on a specific name to be taken to that veteran's information:
Guy F. Collins
William L. Deane
Gary D. Hopps
David E. Martin
Stephen R. Scrivener
Courtney E. Weissmueller
Leroy C. Williams

Don't let the world forget them


Please let us know you were here!
You can sign (and view) our guestbook by clicking on the POW Button below

If you would like to contact us, or have any suggestions,
please email us at piglt at comcast.net.

If you would like to see our awards and
visit the sites that have honored us click here

To read stories/poems/writings for and/or
by our veterans and police officers -
& some relating to the Attack On America
click here
(Page updated regularly - check often!)


Florida's Fallen Vietnam Heroes
Includes POW/MIAs
Has links for other states with their VN veterans' names

Freedom Flight, Inc is a non-profit
that uses hot air ballons to help the cause

National Alliance of Families
Represents servicemen from all wars and their families

National League of Families of
American Prisoners and Missing in Southeast Asia

News, missing man ceremony, and more

New York POW/MIAs
Listing of NY's POW/MIAs

Think there is nothing you can do? Click above
to visit the site of a young activist and think again!

Operation Just Cause
Advocacy for POW/MIA - INCREDIBLE sight and people

POW/MIA 55 Chevy
See what one veteran did to make a difference

POW*MIA Awareness Rally Corporation
Non-profit organization: public awareness & financial support

Incredible site! VERY informative

POW/MIA Search
Find POW/MIA by name, date of loss, etc

P.O.W. Network
Bios, phonies, and more

Raptor's Nest
Codes of conduct, writings, graphics, POW/MIA...
got above eagle graphic at this site

Ride To The Wall Foundation
Helping veteran programs. Also purchase CD to help

Great organization. Membership and chapter info available

Run For the Wall
They ride for those who can't

Wisconsin POW-MIA Balloon Launch
Annual event


Doc's Patriotic Graphics
Graphics by Ron Fleischer

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