This recent evolution of work represents an inventive approach to pastoral abstraction – as Johnny Rotten once said, you have to destroy to create.

Using my own older paintings cut into varying shapes and shards, I compose and reapply those remnants onto new canvasses and combine with fresh applications of oils and charcoal. The subject matter is a colliding combination of reinterpreted land/cityscape themes from my European upbringing and the frenetic emotional releases of contemporary influences, designed to both inspire inner peace and foment the soul.

In this world it is my memories serving as models, yet the past and present are forever in mid-embrace.


I've employed the same techniques described above in gestural figuration/abstraction.

To serve as muse and inspiration for this evolution, I choose Anais Nin's "Delta of Venus" as a perfect garden from which to pluck beguiling subjects fitting for this new expressive direction.


all works (c) kenneth susynski