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This page contains a smattering of my thoughts and rants about bikes. Much of my ranting is directed against the hyper-specialization of racing bikes (and to a lesser extent, full touring bikes) and towards the benefits of all-rounder bike designs. In particular, I'm a huge fan of the sport touring type of bike, which I believe to be one of the most versatile designs ever. I also think that many people would have better cycling experiences on this type of bike than more specialized designs, including race bikes and full touring bikes.

Sport touring bikes have begun to collect in our barn. The pictures below lead to pages that describe several sport touring bikes that have been set up very differently. Hopefully they will give you an idea of how versatile this type of bike is.

Versatility is not the only issue. The other is performance. The performance of a bike is a measure of how well it allows the rider to achieve his or her goals. It follows then, that one cannot judge the performance of a bike without asking, What is the bike really being used for? And it is from this perspective that we must become suspicious of the claim that bikes designed for competitive bike racing are really the highest performance choice for people who spend the majority of their riding time doing something other than racing.


1979 Trek 510
A "go-fast", day tripper


1982 Trek 311
A townie/rough-stuff set up


c1989 Trek 1100
A 650B Conversion


1982 Fuji S-12-S Ltd
A loaded touring rig


c 1982 Fuji America
A classic, vintage bike


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