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My Cache Page
Last Updated August 19th, 2005

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it Not Found Logs: 182 (includes caches later found)

ICQ #: 313304515

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    These are albums of pictures from some of the events that we've had in the area:

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    My Top Ten: The Top Ten caches I've visited, and why

    Found it 8/16/2003 Guana Quest (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL)
    A 10 mile hike through natural Florida.
    [visit log]
    Found it 1/16/2005 The Sea Cow Splash N Cache (Jacksonville, FL)
    39 cute manatee statues, and it was Mrs ICM's Favorite.
    [visit log]
    Found it 9/19/2003 The Federation MUST PAY! (Jacksonville, FL)
    The sheer audacity. The pinnicle of the Jacksonville style hide.
    [visit log]
    Found it 7/3/2004 Too Many Secrets (Nashville, TN)
    The reasons I like this one are a secret.
    [visit log]
    Didn 7/4/2004 Your Voice is your Passport (Franklin, TN)
    This cache is related to another cache. The combanation is unique.
    [visit log]
    Found it 1/28/2004 Withlacochee Grand (Withlacochee State Forest, FL)
    A beautiful hike to a truely unique spot in a Florida forest.
    [visit log]
    Found it 12/19/2004 Painfiction's 2000th aka ICM' s Frustration (Somewhere, FL)
    My 2000th Find. The cache was renamed AFTER my 6 DNF's.
    [visit log]
    Found it 11/26/2004 Walk About Cumberland Island (Cumberland Island, GA)
    A boat ride, a day on Cumberland Island AND a smiley.
    [visit log]
    Found it 8/7/2004 Area 51 Series (Ocala National Forest, FL)
    Aliens, forest roads,cute puzzles and cool caches.
    [visit log]
    Didn 10/5/2003 The MotherShip Connection , (The Truth is out there)
    An Alien adventrue in the forest.
    [visit log]

    My favorite logs: The logs I enjoyed the most, including a few of my own.

    Found it 10/7/2003 The Case of the Mysterious Lockbox (Somewhere, FL)
    Reading this made me wish I had been with them.
    [visit log]
    Found it 7/24/2004 Area 51-4 (Ocala National Forest, FL)
    Weird. Strange. Other worldly even.
    [visit log]
    Found it 7/24/2004 Area 51-3 (Ocala National Forest, FL)
    And it just gets weirder.
    [visit log]
    Found it 7/25/2004 Area 51-3 (Ocala National Forest, FL)
    Proof of Alien activity?
    [visit log]
    Didn 7/4/2004 History 101 (Jacksonville, FL)
    Splish, Splash!
    [visit log]
    Found it 1/28/2004 Federation Urban Micro 8 (Jacksonville, FL)
    Where's a camera when you need one?
    [visit log]
    Found it 12/19/2004 Bruce to the Rescue (Somewhere, FL)
    Sit right back and you'll hear a tale...
    [visit log]
    Found it 11/26/2004 AREA " 16-B " ' HOAX or NOT ' (St. Pete, FL)
    It's all part of the adventure.
    [visit log]
    Found it 8/7/2004 Tabby Mystery (Big Talbot Island, FL)
    A year and a half and $85,000 later...
    [visit log]
    Didn 10/5/2003 Les Nessman , (Ocala National Forest, FL)
    Be sure to check out theboonieman's log too.
    [visit log]

    My Favorite Log Pictures: A picture is worth a thousand words in a log

    Found it 8/16/2003 Land of the Lost - Adventures in Alien Abduction (Somewhere, FL)
    The well accessorised StressMaster Crew avoids abduction.
    [visit log]
    Found it 1/16/2005 Hog Wild (Jacksonville, FL)
    Cacher gone wild. Wild Hogs, Turkey and Deer that is.
    [visit log]

    Favorite Cache Quotations

  • A man with a GPS unit will always know where he is. A man with two GPS units can never be sure.
  • It's the pioneers who take the arrows
  • It's all part of the adventure.
  • When it doubt, poke it with a stick.

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