Alphabetical Index of

Elizabethtown Associates

     This is the most complete extant list of Elizabethtown Associates, compiled from the three reconstructed lists contained in Town Book B.  Note that if an Associate appears on more than one list, he is listed here once for each list.

     For more genealogical information on the Associates whose names are underlined, click on their names.  I plan to add additional information to this website in the future, with links from the other names below.  For now, the only additional data for most of the Associates is the list in which the Associate is named (O = Original List, A1 = First Additional List, A2 = Second Additional List).

Alling, Jn A2
Andross, Yokam O
Arskin, John A1
Baily, John O
Baker, Capt John O
Barber, Francis O
Barnet, Samuel A1
Beach, Richard O
Bollen, James O
Bond, Benjamin A1
Bond, Joseph O
Bond, Robert O
Bonell, Nathaniel Sr. A1
Bounel, Nathanael O
Brocket, John Jr. O
Brocket, John O
Brown, William A2
Burnet, Mordecai A2
Carter, Nicholas O
Carter, Samuel A2
Carteret, Philip O
Carwithe, Caleb O
Champain, Sealy O
Clark, Joshua A1
Clarke, Ephraim A2
Clarke, John A2
Clarke, Richard A2
Clarke, Richard Sr. A1
Clarke, Samuel A2
Covenhoven, Peter O
Craig, Andrew A2
Cramer, William A2
Cramer, William Sr. A1
Crane, Jeremiah A2
Crane, Stephen O
Crane, Stephen A1
Darling, Thomas A2
Dehart, Daniel A1
Dickinson, John O
Frazey, Joseph O
Frazey, Joseph A1
Gould, John A2
Gray, John O
Hallsy, Joseph A2
Hamton, Andrew A2
Harriman, John A2
Harriman, John Jr. A2
Headley, Leonard O
Hetfield, Abraham A2
Hetfield, Cornelius A2
Hetfield, Isaac A1
Hetfield, Matthias O
Hill, William A2
Hindes, John O
Hopkins, Samll O
Johnson, John A2
Johnson, Marry A1
Johnson, William O
Jones, Jeoffry O
Lambert, Roger O
Lambert, Roger A1
Lawrance, Abraham O
Liprary, Mr. O
Littel, John A1
Looker, William A2
Lyon, Benjamin A2
Lyon, Ebenezer A2
Lyon, Henry O
Lyon, Henry A1
Lyon, Joseph A2
Lyon, Nathaniel A2
Marsh, Samuel O
Martain, Henry A1
Mattuk, Richard A1
Meeker, Benjamin A1
Meeker, Benjamin A2
Meeker, John A1
Meeker, Joseph O
Meeker, Joseph A1
Meeker, William O
Megie, John A2
Melyen, Jacon O
Miles, John A1
Miller, William A1
Miller, William A2
Mitchell, Jacob A2
Moor, Thomas O
Moore, Thomas A1
Morris, Denis A2
Morris, George O
Morss, Peter O
Morss, Peter A1
Morss, Robert O
Morss, Robert A1
Nicholls, William A2
Norris, Henry O
Norris, Henry A1
Norton, Nathanael O
Nue, Peter A1
Ogden, Benjamin A2
Ogden, David O
Ogden, John O
Ogden, John A1
Ogden, John O
Ogden, John Jr. O
Ogden, Jonathan A1
Ogden, Jonathan O
Ogden, Jonathan A2
Oliver, Samuel A2
Oliver, William O
Oman, Benjamin O
Osborn, Joseph O
Osborn, Joseph A1
Osborne, John A2
Osborne, Stephen O
Osborne, Stephen A1
Pack, George A1
Pack, George O
Painter, Richard O
Pardon, Mr. O
Pardon, William O
Parker, John O
Parker, John A1
Parkhurst, Benjamin O
Pearce, John A2
Peck, Jeremiah O
Piles, Willm O
Pope, John O
Pope, John A1
Price, Benjamin O
Price, Benjamin Jr. O
Ross, George A1
Ross, George O
Rouse, Simon O
Sale, Obediah A2
Salsburry, Evan O
Sayers, Joseph A1
Sayes, Samuel A1
Sayre, Joseph O
Shotwell, Abraham O
Spining, Humphry O
Stanbrough, Josiah A1
Strayhearne, William A2
Thompson, Hur O
Thompson, John A2
Thompson, Moses A1
Thompson, Moses O
Thompson, Thomas O
Thorp, George A2
Tooker, Charles O
Town Lot for the Minister O
Trotter, William O
Tuttel, Nathaniel A1
Tuttell, Nathanael O
Wade, Benjamin A2
Watson, Luke O
White, Denis O
White, Robert O
Whitehead, Isaac O
Whitehead, Joseph A2
Whitehead, Nathanael A2
Whitehead, Samuel A2
Willis, Samuel A2
Willson, Capt. Ebenezer A2
Willson, Great John O
Willson, Little John O
Willson, Joseph A1
Winance, Samuel A1
Winans, John O
Winds, Barnabus O
Wood, Jonas A1
Wood, Jonas O
Woodruff, David A2
Woodruff, John A1
Woodruff, John O
Woodruff, John A2
Woodruff, Joseph A2
Woolley, Robert A2
Young, Thomas O

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