Steve's Fotografik Rephlux - Burning Man 2007 - Man "A"

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Man "A" late in the day, Monday August 27, 2007.

Full moon rising, evening of Monday August 27, 2007.

First image below is with the full moon, 2nd image is at near total eclipse:

Full Moon

Partial Eclipse. It was challenging to get a good exposure for the moon (too bright), and the man (less bright). To bring out details on the moon, a short exposure caused the man to go too dark. For some of the photos, I held a infrared filter over the part of the lens that was imaging the moon. Later I converted the moon portion of the image from the resultant red, back to a greyscale white.

The moon to the far left and the man were together in the original image. I pasted in the other moon images at various stages during the eclipse, in a "pretend" sequence - these were not the exact positions of the moon during those stages of the eclipse.

Photo taken at about 2:54AM, Tuesday 8/28/07. Notice a person at the foot of the man, the side next to the moon. I did not see this person when I took the photograph.

Cropped in on just the person at the foot of the man. Is that red paint on their face? The person was moving their head during this 3 second exposure. This image is resized from slightly higher resolution, but you really can't see any more detail at the larger size. Not long after this photo, there was a popping/cracking sound that drew my attention to the foot of the man. I saw sparks, and I heard a thud. Then the fire started.

These images are all from the deep playa side of the man.

Water putting out the fire.

Being laid to rest, Tuesday afternoon, 8/28/07.

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