Steve's Fotografik Rephlux - Burning Man 2007 - Man "B"

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Man "B" under construction.

I watched this process for awhile. It was not easy for those involved. It looked like they were trying to slide in or attach a lower portion of the man to the upper portion. They had difficulty making the alignment.

Evening of Wednesday 8/29/07.

Notice the interested burners observing from behind the barrier.

Thursday 8/30/07.

Radial Zoom filter in use.

Friday afternoon, I was stranded on the open playa, near the temple, in a duststorm. It was a complete white-out. Although I was near the temple, I couldn't see it. So I just stayed in place, with my bike for about 20 min. I tried sitting down, but the larger sand particles blasted into my upper body, so I stood back up and let my boots deflect the worst of it. At some points it became difficult to breathe. People came by now and then, trying to make it back to their campsites, leaning into the wind. One guy told me that rain was predicted and that I might want to make an attempt to get back to camp. So, I did that, the temple came into view, then I followed the lamp posts back to camp at 8:45 and Jungle. A very light rain followed the dust. Not enough to make the playa slick, just a little sprinkle. When the rain and dust cleared, I took a look at the sky. There were still dark clouds, retreating to the northeast. To the west, the sun was behind some lighter clouds, and it looked as though it would drop into a clear patch in a few minutes. I figured these were good conditions to have a rainbow. Despite being worn out by the dust, I hopped on the bike and blasted out onto the playa, near the man, just in case a rainbow *might* appear. And, then...

I've reworked the saturation on these images to help the rainbow.

This was with the fisheye lens, trying to catch the full double arcs across the playa. In higher resolution, the image is not especially crisp as the lens isn't all that great, even though it can be fun.

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