Portland Santacon II 2007 - 12/22/07

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Multiple Santas took these photos including Santa Saint Cheese, Santa Kimberly, Santa Rich, and Santa Yankee Pants:

  • New on the naughty list is FEZ.
  • it definately was Reindeer Fucker that got to me
  • Hell, it was probably a whorehouse Christmas tree in its better day.
  • So, if you were on the yellow bus, and are missing a red cell phone, a pair of roller skates, your pants, and who the fuck knows what else we found, you'll need to call the Fez, to see if they still have it.
  • That Santa sees you when you're sleeping and knows when you're awake; This Santa sees you in the shower and wants to play patty-cake.
  • I join Furball and also recommend that you not wear an "Satan hat" when cruising Peacock Lane
  • Hell, I shouldn't even go to SantaCon, let alone SatanCon with my job.
  • I knocked the fence over and even puked a little in the R-ville.
  • "open yer baaaaag"
  • Santa has a lot of other good stories, but knows better to publish them on the public interweb. Email Santa Saint Cheese: sfritz2994@aol.com