Ben Franklin Wrote "It is not to my good friend's heresy (Atheism) that I impute his honesty. On the contrary, 'tis his honesty that brought upon him the character of a heretic (Atheist)" (Works, Vol. x., p. 365). 

News Paper Articles almost ready for you to send to help humanity and let the humanist/Atheist views be known.  This is a no cost way to help and reach millions with our saving message. 

  Click here to read the Founding Father Lies By David Barton a religious fanatic for advancing Jesus and Christianity and next to it the truth

Compare the popes with the presidents of America

Why the Bible Is Repulsive

Humanist/Atheist Ten Life Stances  

Proven Very Effective If Discussed with Children

God, Did He Make Everything Out of Nothing ?

Statistics and Reasons for Church Decline

Atheist Cartoons, There Great!!!

Atheist Video's 

mormanThe True Beliefs of Mormonism - YouTube

Why Atheist Parents Should Teach Their Kids About Religion Video

Religious Literacy Done Right ....... and Wrong  (Parenting Beyond Belief)

CFI Center For Inquire (It's time for Science and Reason)

Very funny Church Video

Why the 10 Commandment Are Repulsive and should not be presented to children Video

Ten question to ask you Ten Questions to ask yourself to improve the world Video  

Christian Delusional? How do we know that Christians are delusional and How this Harms Us? Video

Video Teaching children about Evolution at

Three Excellent Videos by Carl Sagan on Evolution


 ... Richard Dawkins: An Atheist's Call to Arms Video 

Richard Dawkins : Imagine a World Without Religion

 Religion Kills Video 

 Religious books tell people to kill Video

 What has Happened in Europe since It Became Much More Atheist Video

EinstineImagine If All Atheist Left America Video dumb

Mormon Church  Cartoon banned by the Mormon church Video

Carlin  George Carlin- Religion is Bullshit ----Very Funny Video

Bill Maher   Bill Maher Video on France ---- Fantastic & Funny  Video

authorMy conversion & are you right Video

Bill MaherVideo New Rule America Is Not Number 1 Video

Bill MaherBill Maher Best on Religion ----Great Video

Bill MaherVideo Bill Maher on Bush ----Well Done Video

slave manVideo Are Atheist Less Moral

Faith in Religion Causes Ignorance, Violence, War & Death Video

What I Believe by Pat Condell

Funny Submissive Jesus Head Video 

 Genesis Revisited by a Scientist  Video     also    Michael Shermer, Genesis Revisited: A Scientific Creation Story.

The Christian Cult Video


The myth that religious training makes people more moral isn't True; See Many Studies!

Should We Respect Religion? by Barbara Smoker

President Thomas Jefferson's -- letters to friends 

President James Madison-- His Writings.

President John Adams-- His Writings.

Benjamin Franklin-- His Writings.

Thomas Paine -Revolutionary Writer

E_in_46.gifEinstein --- His Writings



Dr Steven Weinburg has  been called the "Einstein" of our day. He won the Nobel Prize for uniting the electromagnetic and the weak nuclear forces into a single force.

  Jean - Paul Sartre Fantastic thinker. This is very interesting reading 

  Matilyn Vos Savant is listed in the Guinness Book Of World Records : Hall of Fame" for the "Highest IQ"  Read what she wrote on How To Be Happy! 

 Thomas PaineThomas_Paine's  His Book  (The Age_of_Reason) This book tells really what the Christians belief is. It's a powerfully written book. The most powerful part is in the first six chapters each about 1 and a half  pages long.  

Mark Twain's "Letters From Earth" this is Fantastic satire  poking fun at commonly held beliefs  It is fun to read and it makes you think. It's wonderful reading.

Learn About Luther, The deranged, insane theologian, founder of the Protestant Revolution and the Lutheran Church. 

False Claims  John E. Remsburg    A wonderfully written small book, showing religion is not moral, This book shows world studies that prove religion fills prisons.

Amber PawlikAmber Pawlik's article  (The Dangers of Believing in God.) is a well written thought out article.)   

 The Secular Web Library is  wonderful, with lots of the best Humanist/Atheist books and Articles

Freedom from Religion Foundation This is a wonderful group that provides a great Freethought magazine. They allow you to read most of it on the web .  I recommend joining this group. 

(Peopleís Padre) Father Emmett McLoughlin, a complete book on the life of a priest who started the largest hospital in Phoenix Arizona and did much for the poor and nursing. 

The American Atheist is a large very effective group with a great magazine and books I recommend you join and become a member.


 Free Inquiry is a secular Humanist  World wide organization or Secular Humanist with a wonderful magazine.  The magazine is written by mostly college professor and Nobel Prize winners. I highly recommend that you join this group

  Check out James Haught editor of the Charleston Gazette. He is a wonderful thinker and writer

 Read About Saints who did horrid things and should be removed as saints by the Catholic Church_

Dare to question by Elizabeth_Candy Stanton is a delight to read. She helped give women the right to vote. 

Dan Barker is a truly remarkable thinker, genius and easy to read writer 

  Religion is the cause of Violence   Founding Fathers were? Jefferson's views  Silence allows intolerance   Quotes Bible Centered Education   Winter Solstice    Christmas Fable   Phony Religious Degrees   Respect Religion  4th of July   Virus Of The Mind   Disease of Religion By William Edelen  is and excellent article and he has many other very good articles at this web.

  Bibliography of Robert Green INGERSOLL Fantastic reading, I have read it 3 times.



The greatest high I have experienced was when I became Free and it started when I became honest and said to someone I DON'T BELIEVE Do Read about it here.

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