way of making kids more moral, happy for life & much more likely to graduate.





If you don't want your kids smoking     drinking   kids dope  , pregnantsmoking, drinking on dope or pregnant you better get over your prudish ways and tell kids how to get pleasure and exceptional high in other ways that are discussed here.  The Sun News Paper UK Reported CHILDREN as young as SIX are being treated for cannabis addiction, experts have revealed.

 I used this concept on two very troubled children last year a boy 14 and a girl 16. getting poor marks,  By the end of the school year his report card showed 5 As and 2 Bs, hers was 2 As and 4 Bs. Both are getting along very well and had became very friendly, nice to be with and open.  In the USA 4 out of 10 students drop out of school. 

Our government should send a copy of this to every home in America and especially to Flint, and Saginaw, Michigan plus Punta Gorda and Port Charlotte Florida.  The results would be astonishingly beneficial.


What I teach is the same as they teach in France, Holland, Germany and Norway where children growing  up can expect to be better than Americans.


American students are 10 times more likely to go to prison 2 to 3 times more likely to quit school, 11 times more likely to get pregnant, 5 time more likely to get HIV, 74 times more likely to get gonorrhea, 8 times more likely to get an abortion, have twice as many sex partners and are over 9 times more likely to get murdered than Europeans.

School board members who learn these facts and don't scrap the JUST SAY KNOW program and have the school teach necessary sex education are committing a serious crime.


I and they do consider teaching kids moral sexual behavior will provide a lifetime of moral, happiness, and the most wonderful pleasure. Learn more by clicking Advocates For Youth

I do my best to help girls and boys learn what is truly moral and to increase the likelihood that they will grow to be happy, moral, productive adults. At the age of 11 and older I stop what I am doing and give them my lesson #1

I give the parents in my community a copy of this web and ask if it is ok for me to go over this with their children,  So far the parents soon get back with me and say, great, do it.

 Lessen # 1

I tell children: To have a fantastic life you must do on to others as you would want done onto you.   Do what you can to make the lives of other as good and happy as possible and you will get much happiness and money.


I say to the child "There is something you should know.  It's a story of what happened to me; that will help you have a happier life. I stop and watch for a facial or verbal response and then say:


GM sent us engineers to school to learn how to get to the root cause of problems so they could be eliminated them in cars forever so they could compete with Japan.


A college professor in our class gave us a challenge to state in 20 words or less what is moral and immoral. After 3 days with ideas covering all black boards. We had the ten commandments, do on to others as you would want done on to you and a whole lot more listed.


With the college professor's help we condensed it to the root cause. Conclusion ( If it increases  human happiness it's moral, if it decreases human happiness it is immoral.) 


I ask What is Moral and immoral?    If they don't answer I say "If it increased human happiness its moral, if it decreases human happiness it is immoral." You can live much happier if you have lots of money and this is most likely if you go to college and do something people need.

Robert Green INGERSOLL wrote "The reason for life is happiness, the time is now, the place is here and the way is to make others happy."


 ELBERT HUBBARD wrote: “There is no other aim in life for any man or any woman than this—happiness. There is no other goal or intent in life,”


How can you increase your pleasures and happiness? Based on what we find is moral and immoral, is masturbation moral or immoral? It hurts no one. It gives a fantastic high. It costs nothing. It releases dopamine from your brain causing you to feel happy and good for hours.  It can be done 1 or more times each day with no harmful effects. It's is safe from venereal disease .  


Based on the root definition of what is moral, Masturbation is exceptionally moral. So my advice to you is that you should get as much pleasure as you can from masturbating often. 

If you are to go to college you cannot afford to try to get pleasure and happiness from smoking drinking alcohol, taking dope or drugs. Some are very dangerous to your happiness.


If you start smoking it will cost you over $3,000 per years.  These substances in most cases fit the definition of what is immoral.  You can't afford to waste $3,000 per years on smoking and another $3,000 on Alcohol and still have money to go to college. Those who go to college make twice as much money as those who don't in their lifetime.  Keep thinking about the fact that it's easier to live with a little extra money.


If you have a job where you make a lot of money, you are more likely to have a job you really enjoy and it will be serving others.   To get into college you must have good grades in school.


So it is very moral to put out a lot of effort to get good grades and learn all you can.

What about pornography? It is very enjoyable especially for boys to see what various naked women looks like.  Even girls like and get pleasure from looking at pictures of naked men.  Is pornography moral? Yes.  My advice is enjoy it whenever the opportunity arises. 


Here are some facts you really need to know If you get married and ever go to a marriage counselor over 45% of the time it will be because the woman is not being sexually satisfied.  To men: Your challenge will be to keep her satisfied by making sure you make time for romance. Girls: You must give praise for things that give you pleasure. 

The average person has intercourse 5000 times in their life time and that is not enough to keep marriages together. 


ABC reported that the major reason for divorce is a sexless marriage and there are 20 million sexless marriages.  That is a lot of potential divorces. Kids are much better with parents who stay happily married.  Kids and parents need to know this so they end up living in happy marriages. Hopefully you will be having an enormous amount of pleasure and happiness in the future from sex.  To a human nothing exceeds the moral happiness you can get from sex.


If a girl gets pregnant from sex before marriage it can ruin her chances of going to college and getting a good education and a good job.  The boy who gets her pregnant may have to go to work to help support the baby instead of going to college and he too loses out on his opportunities. Postpone intercourse as long as possible but if you do, use birth control.

In 20 words or less tell me what is moral and immoral.  I wait for them to answer and I give them the answer if needed. 


I tell them, If you steal or do anything that can cause you to get a police record you will find it very difficult to find a job. With the computer anyone about to hire you can and most often will check you record.  With a criminal record you will find it difficult to even get a job with McDonalds or as a teacher, a banker or postal worker.  So you must be very honest, I say stay extremely Honest and moral.


When I give them this talk and give them a copy so they can keep it or  allow their parents to read it I get a look like haven't you talked  waaaay too much about sex. For a few months I see little or no change but then kids start talking openly to me and show me their new report cards. The girls parent told her daughter to be careful around, me that I may be a pedophile.  The boy’s parents came for a visit to thanked me for what I had done with their child.


I mentioned to a cousin that my granddaughter was doing horrid in school and was put on mind altering drugs and sent to one psychiatrist after another.  He stopped me saying his daughter had serious school problems and had gone to 5 different psychiatrists and only got worse.  She ended up in a psychiatric ward of the hospital for 3 days. The sixth psychiatrist said we are taking you off all drugs. I want you to masturbate very often and get real high.   Her change was like night to day.  She is now 24 and doing great.


I then told him of my granddaughter who had been having serious school problems.  Had been to several psychiatrists and put on mind altering medications.  After I told her to masturbate often and gave her a sex vibrator she changed for the better and is now doing great.  It took her about 3 months to become dramatically better.  I gave her a copy of this web. 

That's It!


Dear parents:  Copy this report and read & discuss it with your children. Give them the copy and ask them to read it now and then.  Above all tell then it is very moral to masturbate in private and to get the maximum pleasure possible. This will keep girls and boys safe and get them to openly talk to you, I suggest you give your girls a vibrator and lots of different kinds are internet available.  The European Union has only 18.8% drop out of school which is less than 1/2 our rate and with what I provide here ours should be even better than theirs.


My advice may not convince you based on 2 kids  but how about the extremely open sex talks and moral talks used by my cousins, daughters Psychiatrist and used on over 250,000,000 Students in Europe in the past 20 plus years. That should be enough to convince you to try it."



The Dutch have a program that really works to cut Marijuana usage to one fifth of our American students and cuts unwanted teen pregnancies to one eleventh of ours.  The latest figures show America has 750 people in prison to Holland's 75 per 100,000. That is a ratio one tenth as many prisoners.


In the United States, the teen abortion rate is nearly eight times higher than the rate in Germany,

In the United States, the estimated HIV prevalence rate in young men ages 15 to 24 is over five times higher than the rate in Germany,

In the United States, the teen gonorrhea rate is over 74 times higher than that in the Netherlands and France.

What do they teach that is so different to make it so wonderfully effective?


Holland & Europe teach that sex is by far man's greatest pleasure. A pleasure that can be had over and over and that can be lost if you do anything bad.  Don't let religious beliefs that sex is filthy, demoralizing and should not be discussed with children keep you from teaching them how to be moral,

Click on this web and watch a video  “Sex Education - How Do They Do It In Holland?” Part 1   now listen to the next video Part 2

Here is an interesting comparison of Holland verses Britain by BBC News.  Please keep in mind that America's results are far worse.


Wednesday, 1 March, 2000, 15:58 GMT

Netherlands: Let's talk about sex

Dutch Sex Class

Dutch children: "They are entitled to know about love and sexuality"

By Sue Lloyd-Roberts in Amsterdam

A liberal attitude towards sex education appears to be paying off for the people of the Netherlands.

Sex on display

Sex is on public display in Amsterdam

The country has the lowest rate of teenage pregnancy in Europe.

Dutch children are taught about sex from a young age, but opt to have sex at a later age than their European counterparts.

The visitor to Amsterdam could be forgiven for thinking that the Dutch are obsessed by sex.

It is everywhere and is readily available. Every fantasy is catered for.

Sex starts at school

Very Young Talking Sex

Keighley: "Mother's tummy gets bigger ... then the baby comes out"

However, the Dutch would argue that it is this openness which proves that they have the habit under control.

The openness starts at primary school. One group of children has been studying the subject from the age of six.

Ashley is congratulated for her essay on reproduction. The illustrations alone might get a pupil in a primary school in Britain in trouble.

Keighley contributes with some authority as her mother has recently given birth.

"The mother's tummy gets bigger and bigger and then the baby comes out," she explains.

In case Keighley needs further explanation as to what has been going on at home, children's television cartoons leave nothing to the imagination.

She and her nine-year-old brother know exactly how their baby brother came to be and, in a country where it is legal for consenting 12 year olds to have sex, they are well aware of the consequences.

English 'prudish'

Free Condoms

Magazines: Free condoms and sex advice

This attitude contrasts sharply with Britain, which has the highest number of teenage pregnancies - about 63 per 1,000 - in Europe.

At mealtimes, says Keighley's mother, Marta, the Dutch routinely discuss sex.

"At nine, 10, 11, they are entitled to know about love and sexuality because when they reach a certain age they will want to experiment and they must feel they have the freedom to discuss sex - even during supper," she says.

Lea and Moo, both aged 14, drop into a local newsagents on their way back from school.

Last week, their favorite magazine was giving out free condoms. This week, the publication focuses on sexual technique.

"The English are prudish and can't talk about sex. We find it easy to talk about it, we're better educated and therefore better informed about the consequences of what we are doing"


Dutch passer-by

And yet, extraordinarily, the Dutch have the lowest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe.

The average age for their first experience of sexual intercourse is 17, a year older than in Britain.

The Dutch attitude is sophisticated and scathing of their European neighbors.

"The English are prudish and can't talk about sex. We find it easy to talk about it, we're better educated and therefore better informed about the consequences of what we are doing," says one passer-by.

"If you have a baby when you're at school, then you can't complete your education which means you have no future - it mucks up your life," says another.

The Dutch would argue that the attitude is created not just by education, but the strong religious traditions, both Calvinist and Roman Catholic, practiced in the country.

These religions along with close family ties are aspects of Dutch life which a British Government would find hard to legislate for.

Few benefits for single mums

Single Mom

Until recently, there was no government support for single mums

However, benefits can be regulated by law and up until this year, the Dutch Government gave no support to a mother under the age of 18.

Sylvie Roop, who runs, Steady, a help centre for single mothers has fought for four years to get a £100-a-month payout for them.

I told her that a 16-year-old mother in London, for example, could get more than £200 a week in child and housing benefit.

"Here, they're not sensitive to the needs of young mothers - they think by giving such tiny allowances that they will stop teenage pregnancies," she says.

"The money they get now barely covers the cost of food and nappies."

Maybe the true difference is cultural. Biology lessons at Dutch secondary schools are often devoted to contraception.

It is hard to imagine a group of British school children treating a lesson like this with such serious attention to detail.

Contraception in the Netherlands: the low abortion rate explained.

Ketting E, Visser AP.

This article gives a review of the main factors that are related to the low abortion rate in the Netherlands. Attention is payed to figures on abortion and the use of contraceptive methods since the beginning of the 1960s up to the end of the 1980s. The strong acceptance of family planning was influenced by changing values regarding sexuality and the family, the transition from an agricultural to a modern industrial society, rapid economic growth, declining influence of the churches on daily life, introduction of modern mass media and the increased general educational level. The introduction of modern contraceptives (mainly the pill and contraceptive sterilization) was stimulated by a strong voluntary family planning movement, fear for overpopulation, a positive role of GPs, and the public health insurance system. A reduction of unwanted pregnancies has been accomplished through successful strategies for the prevention of teenage pregnancy (including sex education, open discussions on sexuality in mass media, educational campaigns and low barrier services) as well as through wide acceptance of sterilization. The Dutch experience with family planning shows the following characteristics: a strong wish to reduce reliance on abortion, ongoing sexual and contraceptive education related to the actual experiences of the target groups, and low barrier family planning services.

PIP: People in the Netherlands consider unplanned pregnancy to be a large problem that society and decision-makers should and do seriously address. The abortion rate fluctuates between 5 to 7/1000 women of reproductive age, the lowest abortion rate in the world. Between 1965 and 1975, a shift from a largely agricultural society to an industrial society, rapid economic growth and the establishment of a welfare state, a reduced influence of the church in public and personal life, introduction of mass media, and a rapid increase in the educational level of both men and women brought about a rapid change in traditional values and family relations in the Netherlands.

These changes and the introduction of modern contraception effected a breakthrough in family planning and sexual morality. Factors facilitating the rapid transition to a contraceptive society in the Netherlands were a voluntary family planning movement, fear of overpopulation, role of general practitioners in providing family planning services, and inclusion of family planning in the national public health insurance system. Acceptance of contraception preceded liberalization of abortion. Society accepts abortion as only a last resort. The sexual sterilization rate is higher than that in other European countries (25% vs. 0-23%). Special family planning programs in the Netherlands target groups at risk of unwanted pregnancy, particularly teenage pregnancy.

Almost all secondary schools and about 50% of primary schools address sexuality and contraception. Sex education has largely been integrated in general health education programs. The mass media address adolescent sexuality and preventive behavior. Very large scale, nonmoralistic, public education campaigns that are positive towards teenage sexual behavior appear to be successful. Teens have wide access to contraceptive services through general practitioners who maintain confidentiality and do not require a vaginal exam and through subsidized family planning clinics.

PMID: 7971545 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]

| Britain: Sex education under fire | Involve the young! |


Guus Valk, journalist based in the Netherlands, with additional reporting by the UNESCO Courier.

Early Sex Ed
Early on, Dutch children learn about sexuality and contraception at school. Here, students in Almera, in northern Holland

With the highest use of contraception among young people worldwide, the Netherlands has attracted international attention would you react if your boyfriend refused to use a condom? How do your friends feel about condoms? Write down what you think they will answer and ask them if you were right.
This open talk is how some teachers in the Netherlands approach sexuality with students between 12 and 15 years old. Subsidized by the Dutch government, the “Lang leve de liefde” (“Long Live Love”) package was developed in the late 1980s, when Aids became recognised as a threatening health problem. “Aids was an impetus for sex education in schools,” says Jo Reinders of Soa-bestrijding, the Dutch foundation for STD (sexually transmitted diseases) control, which developed the package in consultation with churches, health officials and family planning organizations. “It forced teachers to become more explicit and to discuss norms and values using a participatory approach.”

Decision-making skills
With the lowest teenage pregnancy rate in Europe (8.4 per 1,000 girls between 15 and 19), any initiative in the Netherlands deserves attention. “There is no country that has invested so much in research into family planning…, media attention and improvement of service delivery than the Netherlands,” wrote experts from the Netherlands Institute of Social and Sexological Research (NISSO) in a specialized journal.

Although the country has no mandatory national curriculum, nearly all secondary schools provide sex education as part of biology classes and over half the country’s primary schools address sexuality and contraception. According to H. Roling, a professor of education at the University of Amsterdam, “the Dutch government has always accepted the fact that education was better than denial,” and the subject has been tackled in schools since the 1970s.
Since 1993, the government, without stipulating the contents of classes, has stressed that schools should aim to give students the skills to take their own decisions regarding health, and in particular sexuality.

Textbooks were revised and according to Reinders, now take a more “comprehensive approach to sexuality. The curriculum focuses on biological aspects of reproduction as well as on values, attitudes, communication and negotiation skills.” Some schools simply use these textbooks; others complement them with the foundation’s pack, which includes a video, a teacher’s manual and a student magazine. “The education system is very much built not only around transmitting knowledge but giving the skills to apply that knowledge in everyday life,” says Reinders. “Decision-making skills are very important.”
But sex education in schools is not enough to explain the Dutch record. The Rutgers Foundation, a family planning association that has launched several large-scale public information campaigns in the past decades, sees a constellation of other factors. The media has been at the forefront of an open dialogue: between 1993 and 1997, a prime-time talk show featured a leading Dutch pop star discussing sexuality. Confidentiality, guaranteed anonymity and a non-judgmental approach are hallmarks of the health care system.


 Last but not least, “parents in the Netherlands take a very pragmatic approach. They know their children are going to have sex, and they are ready to prepare them and to speak with them about their responsibility. This is the key word,” says Mischa Heeger of the Rutgers Foundation. Contraceptives are widely used. According to a NISSO study, 85 per cent of sexually active young people use a contraceptive, and the pill is freely available. The average age of a youth’s first sexual intercourse is 17.7 years.
Even with this record, the Foundation for STD control recognizes that it is still difficult for many teachers to talk with students about sexuality, despite training provided over the years, notably by the Rutgers Foundation. Family planning organizations are also concerned about the higher rates of teenage pregnancy among Turkish and Moroccan girls, and are developing programs specially geared towards them.
But the country’s record has attracted attention from abroad. The Rutgers Foundation provides training to doctors and social workers as well as assistance to education ministries in developing curricula, notably in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. To some critics who argue that “talking about sex gives children the wrong idea,” Jos Poelman of the Foundation for STD control has one answer. “Face the facts. We have the lowest number of teenage mothers [in Europe], and Dutch students do not start having sex at a younger age than their foreign counterparts.”


Both the crime rate, church attendance and many social problems have decreased considerably.  The latest studies show only 2% of people in Denmark go to church and most of other European countries have suffered considered loss in church attendance.   How America does compares to Europe.

Students in Europe are 7 times less likely to ever go to prison, then 
Americans.   American pre 100,000 has 690 in prison, Germany has 96, 
France has 85, and Holland has 93

Students are 6 times less likely to use marijuana

Students are 4 time less. Likely to have an Abortion

Students are 3 times less likely to have the sexually transmitted diseases HIV

Students start having sexual intercourse about a year later and with 
half as many sex partners.

Students end up having a divorce rate that is almost half of our rate.

This extremely open teaching on sex helps, but is extremely difficult 
to get into our schools because of strong, absolutely wrong religious 
view on what children should to taught about sex.

I hope you have the want, desire, and courage to change dramatically what 
children are taught about sex in schools so we can empty our prisons have more 
graduate and develop healthy, happy, moral, productive adults.

You can use the "what is moral and immoral statements" on your children and if they do something good you can give praise for moral actions or if they do bad things get them to agree that what they did was immoral.  This will hopefully make your kids think and be more moral.

Read the Ten Commandments and you will find they do not give you anything to use on your kids to help them learn to judge for themselves what is moral or immoral.

Richard Dawkins wrote: “Faith is one of the world’s great evils, comparable to the smallpox virus but harder to eradicate”. In a large survey in England 42% agreed with him.  He also wrote faith-based education is "child abuse" The latest studies show only 34% of English believe in God.

I agree with him that faith based education is  definitely is child abuse   Once a child's brain has been given faith based education about hell, snakes talking etc the frontal lobes of the brain shuts down.  The brain part they would other wise use to determine what is moral based on determining what increases human happiness.  They are then capable of all kinds of immoral acts without thinking about consequences. 

Cody a 14 year old kid in our Florida park was getting into trouble often. He liked to use our golf cart so before he could take it I had him listen to me for up to a half hour each week. He has went from getting poor marks in school to getting 5 A's 2 B's on his report card.  He has changed and is helping others.

The girl is my grand daughter she was living with my son who is very controlling.  At 16 she was throwing fits in school and they sent her to

Studies show Humanist/Atheist are many times less likely to go to prison then the average person in America.

Humanist Ten Life Stances

Proven Very Effective If Copies Are Given To

Children. If they are asked to keep the copy to review them weekly and The Principles Are Discussed With Children.  

What is moral?  What should children be taught so they will be moral happy caring adults. GM hired a college professor to teach how to get to the rout cause of problems so cars would be much more reliable.  He gave us a challenge to state in twenty words or less what is moral and what is immoral. After 3 days and 4 black boards full of ideas we condensed it to IF IT INCREASES HUMAN HAPPINESS IT’S MORAL. IF IT DECREASES HUMAN HAPPINESS IT IS IMMORAL.  This is what Atheist, Humanist and I believe everyone should discuss over and over with children.

 All humans especially children are constantly searching for ways to get high, to increase their pleasures, and happiness.  Robert Green INGERSOLL wrote “The reason for life is happiness, the time is now, the place is here and the way is to make others happy.”  Every child by the age of 10 should be told what alcohol, dope & drugs can do to you and others and how much harm this can create over time decreasing human happiness.  By the age of 10 they should be told that society approves of masturbation at acceptable times and places. It’s a safe moral way to get a supper high. A high that gives much pleasure, increases human happiness, harms no one, costs nothing, and can be done often if desired.

 1---Do on to others as you would want done to you.  Doing this is very important to your happiness and yet is not one of the old testament Ten Commandments. It should have been the big tens Number 1.  Don't lie to yourself and others. Be extremely honest!  These are  probably of most importance affirmation and teaching of Humanist.. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote this humanist statement '"To believe your own thought, to believe what is true to you in your private heart is true for all men --That is genius." Don't be afraid to think!  If you steal, or do anything that will get you a prison record your chance of getting a good job or having a good life are reduced dramatically especially since the advent of the computer that companies use to check your background.

 2---Thomas Jefferson Wrote “Fix reason firmly in her seat. Question with boldness even the existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear.  Don't be frightened from this inquiry by any fear of its consequence.” Come to your own conclusions based on evidence and honestly express your findings while showing your true concern for the feeling of others.”   Dare to Question!!!!!!

3---Do not rape. Do not sexually molest children. Sex is not filth. Sex is one of the greatest, most fantastic of human pleasures. Sex can be enjoyed with much pleasure time after time if done responsibly and with care and concern for others. Teach children everything about sex, so they develop a healthy attitude about sex and understanding of how it affects others.  Compare the pleasures of drinking, smoking and taking drugs to sex to keep children from harmful pleasures. Studies show children taught everything about the pleasures of sex as in Holland and northern European counties start having sex later in life and are more sexually responsibly. This huge emphasis on give a very complete understanding of sex pleasures and problems has resulted in Europe having a ratio of one tenth as many people in prison and far less sexually transmitted diseases, especially 5 times less HIV.

  4---Honor your mother and father, if they are honorable. Rely on studies and real demonstrable facts in place of wishful thinking.   Know if someone says  “Everyone knows it’s true.” That you have to question what everyone seems to know is true.   Richard Dawkins wrote, "I think a case can be made that faith is one of the world's great evils, comparable to the smallpox virus but harder to eradicate. Christopher Hitchens' new book, God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything. his book tells religion is both the result and the cause of dangerous sexual repression,

5---Do not harm, murder, bomb, hate or destroy the property of others for not having your religious beliefs. Do not discriminate. Do not beat your wife, perform cannibalism, assault and battery, torture, do not burn or destroy the property of others. 

 6---Keep Church and state separate! President James Madison Wrote “The purpose of separation of church and state is to keep forever from these shores the ceaseless strife that has soaked the soil of Europe in blood for centuries.”

 7--- Do not have slaves or treat children like slaves.  Show children how to act by your good example. Thou shall not kill except in war and for other moral reasons society approves of.

 8---Be compassionate, kind and loving.. Do not cheapen life by looking at this life only as a prelude to the real life –a life you expect to live after death.  Studies show Humanist/Atheist are the least likely to go to prison.

 9---Humanist do not believe in evolution, the sun rising, cats licking their kittens faces or children laughing. "Believe in” implies faith in something for which there is not evidence. It is not necessary to believe in something which we can all see happening and which constantly manifests its own truth.

 10---Humanist are some of the happiest people, Humanist do not believe in gods, demons, paradise, sin or damnation.  They see these, as myth and folklore and nothing more. If something is said to have happened that defies the laws of nature we rejects it. We reject Jesus and all other gods on moral grounds. We see belief in (HELL) eternal damnation, torture as extremely immoral and harmful to mental health. It destroys self-esteem and self-confidence. Dr. Albert Ellis was head of the American Psychological Association for many years, wrote a book, that sold over a million copies. In it he writes, “If you believe good, kind, moral, just, loving people are going to be tortured in hell, forever, for not believing in Jesus, than you are a masochist, a schizophrenic and very religious. You've lost your sense of what is rational, moral, logical and just. You need psychiatric help to get over your religious affliction.”

Do click here to watch this Video why the Bible & the 10 Commandment Are Repulsive and should not be presented to children

Email this to all your friends, schools and relation plus all public officials.  With your Emailing help we can empty prisons, reduce divorce, reduce unwanted pregnancy and a lot more  plus greatly increase human happiness; that's moral.

Do you and the rest of the board have the guts to go all the way to really improve education? All the way means you tell kids it is very moral to masturbate and to do it often.  This definitely gets their attention and gets them listening to your advice. It's a must for communication.


I volunteer to come to a meeting of school officials and demonstrate what I tell kids to make them much better.

Paul O’Brien  6033 Hopkins Rd   Flint Mi 48506 810-736-8873 to go to my home page & learn more.