Florida Winter Flowering Plants

The best plants in Florida , for a very showy decorative yards in winter are Regular impatiens, Begonias  Petunias,   and Geraniums .  

These flowers do exceptionally well in the sun or shade of the short, low sun days of winter.

65% of the beautiful flowers at Cyprus Gardens are the regular impatiens and 20% are wax leaf Begonias with other flowers like geraniums and petunias making up most of the rest.  My advice is to plant what Cyprus Gardens plants the most of and water every other day.

Fertilize your plants like the green houses do with 3 months slow realize fertilizer. I use Vigoro it costs half as much as Osmocoat and has more of the trace ingredients needed by the plants.


Very Good Perennial Flowering Plants For The Winter In Florida.

Miniature bougainvillea  One of the toughest most beautiful blooming plants.  They now are available without thorns and in many colors.   Itís one of the best plants for our area. They will take a mild frost.  

Crown of thorns.   One of the toughest most reliable plants that blooms constantly,  look dangerous but the pickers donít pick you. They grow good in sun or shade. Very slow growing getting 3 to 4 feet tall.   They will take a mild frost.  

Desert Rose This is a very tough plant that will take Florida's weather and bloom almost constantly Full Sun

  Dipladenia red riding hood   blooms constantly.  They will take a mild frost. Must be staked, does not take the heat and dry conditions of Florida unless watered often. They all need at least a full half day to all day sun


   Ti Plant  This plant has very showy leafs and is very tough Can not take frost  Sun to Partial Shade

   Hibiscus  a very showy plant that has many different colors and shapes. It likes water.  Hibiscus that looks like trees, have a lot more blooms and look much better then the bush variety. Hibiscus only needs between two and four hours of direct sun a day.

Plumbago ;Blooms in November and again in February.  It forms a nice little hedge.   Need trimming in November and April. Sun to partial shade.

  Coleus is a bright leafed plant that can survive Florida ís summers and look great If watered year around. They need lots of water.  They are real nice and I have had a lot of luck with them, They prefer shade to partial shade.

 Amaryllis does very nice in Florida and bloom for several weeks around March 15. They are perennials. That require little water. 

 Geraniums will survive Florida ís summers.  It is best to buy a new Geraniums each year  to get maximum blooms

Very good annual plants for the winter in florida.

  Petunia This plant grows great in Florida in the winter and is very showy. It is not hurt by the frosts of Florida .

  Ever blooming begonia  This is one of the showiest, best plants to grow in Florida .  

Ornamental Sweet Potato Vines.  They're new and come in very bright light olive green and dark purple They grow into a beautiful hedge and give you sweet potatoes.

   Regular impatient   I have seen many exceptionally very nice displays.  Don't confuse these with the New Zealand Impatiens that do poorly in the winter and appear to only do great in green houses. 

Plants that donít provide much show for this area of Florida , in the winter.

  New Guinea Impatiens. They look absolutely  wonderful at the store but not in your garden. They grow best in Greenhouses.

 Oleander  They bloom around March 15th and in the summer.  They grow about 7 feet tall. Need a lot of water.

Croton   Showy leafs. Very susceptible to frost. Most years they lose their leafs in January.

 Roses are very difficult to grow in Florida .  To many bugs called nematodes that eat the roots and Black Mold that kill the leafs. Prune back to about 1 1/2 feet when you arrive and when you leave Florida


Azalea, these are very showy but they only bloom for 2 weeks in February.

Camellia blooms last for 2-3 weeks, In January and that's all until the next year.

Crinum A bulb lily that blooms a lot and costs from $5 to $150 Per bulb.  You may like this one it is very different. It is one of our neighbors favorites. She paid 50 dollars for a bulb.

Caladium A very showy plants that grow from a bulbs. They doesn't sprout from the bulbs until late April when the temperature doesn't get below 50 degrees. They go dormant when the temperature goes below 50 and lose their leafs.

Many plants grow great only in green houses where they us sodium vapor lights, temperature, water and humidity  to make them grow great and make them bloom.  You take them home and wow they soon look sick.

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