Serial Killers:

The FBI gave the standard profile of a serial killer, He is a person with few friends. He became much more religious just before he started murdering people. After reading all the available studies I could find and studying all the articles in the newspapers for over 30 years, I find what is most outstanding is Serial killers were sexually inhibited by their strong religious upbringing.

Nearly all serial killers are very devout men who were raised by members of Pentecostal sects, fundamentalist Catholics or were 'hard-shell' Baptists and Methodists."

Studies after study show serial killers are a product of this environment, not genetics.

You can find much information on serial killers being sexually inhibited and there views on sex and religion at

On TV a woman said she had interviewed more serial killers, just after they were caught, than any other person. She said "when you ask a serial killer questions like "Why did you murder this moral, loving married person with children?" "Didnít you think of how terrible this would be to her husband, her children, her parents?" Almost all serial killers start quoting one verse after another from the Christian Bible. This shows most serial killers had strong religious upbringing, have been studying the bible for years and were still very Christian religious when they were murdering.

Dr Kinsey who was head of the Kinsey Institute revealed?

"One important aspect of the incest offenders against adults was obvious during the reading of each case history in our search for varieties of offenders, This is their ability to be religious, moralistic, intolerant and sexually inhibited, and at the same time to live a life of disorganization, drunkenness, violence, and sexual activity opposed to their religious tenets.

"This incongruent usually occasions no psychological stress, or at least none that cannot be relieved by periodic open repentance. The incest offenders against adults were the 'most religious' of any offenders, nearly half being classed as devout. Nearly all of these devout men were members of Pentecostal sects or were 'hard-shell' Baptists and Methodists."

I have found Serial Killers similar to Incest offenders in their ability to be very religious, yet do activities opposed to their religious tenets and suffer no psychological stress.

Hitler was a Roman Catholic alter Boy and wrote of wanting to  be a Catholic priest. He and his men in charge of killing six million Jews were Catholic religious fanatics until death. 

Stalin went to college to be a Protestant Christian minister. He became president of Russia and time after time had millions murdered.

Bruce Lee murdered 26 people. The Flint Journal article says "Bible reading was his only consolations" and he quoted the bible saying "Matthew 6, verse 24 no servant can be a serve of two masters."

David Berkowitz (Corbis) called the SON OF SAM, murdered more than 10 women. The newspaper said "He called himself a born again Christian"

Berwid The article in the Flint Journal quotes him "I was searching the bible and soul searching and I decided God wanted me to do that."

The Yorkshire Rapier "was on a divine mission and felt he had been chosen to hear the word of GOD (JESUS)." Reported the Flint Journal. He murdered 11 girls.

Miller a serial killer had that thing called faith, believed in Jesus. The Flint Journal article says he was always carrying the Bible.

Sampson Kanderayi, a mass murderer called The Ax Killer, killed more than 30 people. The newspaper reported "he did it to appease evil spirits." He was a Christian

Watts, The Sunday Morning Slasher killed 11 women. This article says he did it "to eliminate evil spirits".

Jeffery Dahmer is a typical serial killer. He killed more than 23 young men and eat many of them.

A college professor at WSU wrote "Lionel was the son of Lionel Dahmer, creationist, I went to the library to read back issues of the Milwaukee newspaper on cd.

Jeffery Dahmer was a son of a fundamentalist.

Jeffery Dahmer was a son of a fundamentalist-creationist.

Jeffery Dahmer was a son of a Fundamentalist-creationist-first wife-abuser.

Jeffery Dahmer was a son of a Fundamentalist-creationist-second wife-abuser.

Do you wonder about the odds that lil Jeff was an abused child?

Lionel Dahmer claims in his book about his son that Jeffrey was

abused as a child by an older youth. Jeffrey denied this,

according to newspaper articles. The other Dahmer son, David, has

not spoken out as far as I know. There is a story I would like

to hear.

Lionel Dahmer was one of several creationists (I think 7) who wrote

a three and a quarter page article about petroglyph.

Within the last couple of weeks here in the Milwaukee area, we have

had another case of infanticide in which a model Christian wife

and mother beat her young sons with a baseball bat. One died. The

other is in pretty bad shape. You could add her to your list of

upstanding (murdering) Christians.

I have found many articles like the one on the model Christian woman killing her children; To many to mention here but here are a few.

In the Flint Journal I read of a very religious person putting a child in a microwave oven and cooking it to death, to drive the devil out. I read of another religious couple getting rid of devils by putting their little girl in the oven of a stove and propping the door shut with a chair. The neighbors called the police who arrived to late to stop the poor-screaming girl from being burnt to a charred dead mass. I read of a group of religious people beating a child to death to drive the devil out of him. I read of four different people poking out their own eyes and/or cutting off their hands after they read the bible, where it says if your eye offends you pluck it out, if your hand offends you cut it off. I read of religious fanatics bombing abortion clinics and murdering doctors and many other such acts done in the name of god and religion and to make the world more moral. Dahmer carried and quoted the Bible when caught. Timothy McVay and Cunanan are Catholics.

When I read studies or see presentations on TV about what produces serial killers they seem to mention nothing about fundamentalist religious belief or strict religious upbringing. They normally conclude they just donít know.

I know! and I know teaching children about how moral and wonderful sex is and religion isn't would eliminate lot of crime and improve the chance of having a long lasting wonderful marriage.

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