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First, let me say a little about myself. I live in the northern suburbs of Atlanta, GA, USA with my wife Cathy. I've been a high school physics teacher, and right now I am working with a textbook company. We have two cats, and we enjoy spending time with each other and our friends and family around town.

I like to tinker with different physics-related apparatus. I've put together a Theremin kit, a potato cannon, and am working on a Tesla coil. I'm also experimenting with different techniques for putting together a Web site that students would be able to use in an interactive fashion to prepare themselves for class. I have a couple of books on backyard ballistics and building electronic circuitry with tubes, which I would like to get into as time goes on.

I'm a child of the late '70's / early '80's, so bring on all the Star Wars, Rubick's Cube, Talking Heads, Commodore computers, Carl Sagan's Cosmos and New Wave bands you can throw at me. Don't get me wrong, the '90's had some great fun stuff too (The Tick, Celtic and New Age music being felt in the mainstream, the Hubble Space Telescope), but I feel most at home around a six-year period extending either side of Mt. St. Helens' eruption.

I grew up moving around due to Dad's being in the U.S. Air Force, so I've seen a lot of the country. Our family wound up in Charlotte, NC, USA, where both Mom's and Dad's families were from, and where they still live. I went to college at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, and stayed here ever since. We might move to the mountains of North Carolina some day later on, but for now, I like to call Atlanta(-ish) home. Not to cold, not on the ocean, and not on any geologically active sites.

This Web page is to a place for me to put out some ideas and thoughts, just to get them out there. I'm also going to have various pictures up for people to peruse of either different things happening in my life or things that I thought looked interesting. Also, I like to put up a lot of links to places that I frequent, just to keep them available and active.





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Back in high school, I was a junior and this guy and his ilk started calling me "Squid Monster", for no reason that I have been able to determine. The nickname stuck so you can also send me an e-mail message at this address:  

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