03 NOV 03

New Hair:

I think it is very J-pop. I'm much closer to being blonde, so maybe I will pick up more boys.


31 OCT 03


my darling young brother has made the entry for Halloween because I am being a lazy butt.

The day was looking good… monopoly and pong then 1337 trick or treating. Somebody had to bring her younger sibling… gawd I hate little kids they totally eat up your bandwidth (the "group" lagged like a 14.4 K modem). Then like some -?G of a spontaneous reaction, the night became Suck Incarnate. We watched Amity House (nobody had ever heard of it before ergo it was chosen). I screamed at the TV when the credits rolled; I would cry if I had the tears ducts.

top left- Check it out I was a commi for Halloween. Hey I might have been too young but… I thought the hate for communists was over by the early 1990's? how come I got the nastiest looks ever?

Diana says:To show some sisterly support I've dressed in matching attire and photoshopped myself in beside brother dearest. I think mommy should put us in the Christmas picture collage (the Communist Chinese family-- hell, we've already had "asian" spray painted on the side of our house by some vandal). Besides, we are sporting festive Christmas colors (red commi-stars and green). Except that I look like a member of the SS... Bad fashion major.

What Sissy Did (right to left)- Diana gothed up, Erin firefighting renaisance princess, Marsha as Laura Croft, Kat lil' miss lolita goth. We went to to a club with adorable gansta' danny and mad dancing daisy.

17 OCT 03


None; sound card is broken. But the Curse of Blondie is really great.

Another night in Hell- It was really cold outside so we ran from the car to the club. A man emerged from a near by bar and asked, "Ladies, why are you running? I'm right here."

I screamed back, "Yeah, we're running away from you."

10 OCT 03

My Mockery:

of a boy I called Agamemnon, after a certain ringworm, has apparently been misconstrued as, "Agamemnon, are you considering him as a potential mate?" Would you mate with a ringworm?

Above: Roommate Kat's painting for "conceptual friday class." I was the model! She schooled me in adobe illustrator today. I'll p1x3l Ur... err, nevermind.

Check out this swanky cool page that my pal chip made for me:

Then check out this other swanky cool page of Jared's:

10 OCT 03

Chocolate Cake:

with milk is making my world spin round. So sad when food if the thing that "rocks my world," or is it?

Mass Messaging- I think that would not make me "the most beautiful woman he had ever seen" and that would mean that he had lied ("but I didn't lie"). I was going to message back and point out his logical inadequacies, however, he closed the message with, "peace." So instead I will ask what his success rate was.

And what about my fabulous personality? I wish some guy would have the balls to reject me comme ca: "Frankly, you just aren't attractive enough. However if you were to get plastic surgery, I might be willing to reconsider..."

07 OCT 03


Sweater-shirt thing for homework last night... We over heard the conversation of a kid walking by outside, "No mom, that's not a sweatshop, it's a RISD studio."


06 OCT 03

Chocolate Cake:

with milk is making my world spin round. So sad when food if the thing that "rocks my world," or is it?

So I bought a bunch of boy magazines to study boy clothes (Maxim, Details, GQ). Then I got stuck reading the articles that have way more to offer than cosmo and vogue. There were articles such as "how to make a road kill coat," "how to make an oatmeal can into a radio," and obscure facts "130 Americans die after falling out of bed each year"

So the big fashion trend for boys this season is the blazer. Blazers over t-shirts, over hoodies, over man-tailored shirts. With jeans, with plaid, etc. etc. I'm totally buying into this. I like boy fashion. Danny (a fellow apparel student) is too. He bought a pinstriped blue sports coat at garment district for $12.
Yay danny, we applaud you, and all the other blazer toting gentleman and girls.

28 SEPT 03

Whole Milk:

in the morning in the form of a milk shake. My amorous affair with milk continues though all signs say that I should be lactose intolerant (what with my age and asianess). Ha ha, I must not really be asian... or 20.

  While sojourn in NYC, I stayed at the most amazing house; it was filled with antiques resembling a store or museum.

27 SEPT 03


has a ring worm. We are planning on a daily digipic documentary on it. He's given me the honor of naming it; thus I choose Agamemnon. Agamemnon sounds like that whiney kid in grade school who had a crush on you and picked his nose all the time.

I wonder if donald and I will wind up at a 'certain college' together... Or rather, it would be funny if that happenned. Would my parents make us live together to save money? Would he bring home 'dates' (girls/boys/computer simulated beings)? Could we make side comments to each other in French in the pressence of said 'date'? What if the A.I. is multilingual... What if the 'date' is really stupid and thinks we are speaking asianese?
above- photoshopped pic when i should have been essaying
21 SEPT 03


are pure happiness in a jar... and that doesn't mean I'm bitter about life...


Reversed Double Helix, Takashi Murakami, Rockefeller Center (above):
Left: Eyeball Balloons
Center: Tongari-Kun (Japanese for "Mr. Pointy")
Right: Myself and apparel pal Eva

NYC, America is the only place where tourists watch the religious processions of Sunday services at a Catholic church and take photographs and videos of all the 'Catholics' praying.

I've been field tripping in New York for 5days getting my apparel thing on, avoiding stepping in puddles of urine in my flip-flops, and gawking at the vagrant peoples. Eva and I visited Versace and had fun talking to a couple of the salespersons.

10 SEPT 03


yeah! Attended Hell with Gabby, Kat, Marsha, and Erin. It was like prom all over again; we took pictures and were all giggly in our "pretty-little" outfits. Some boys even talked to us. Hee hee (spoken with sarcasm).

07 SEPT 03

Attended A Pleasant:

mini-dinner party at the erin-jessica residence. Jessica cooked yummy vegetarian food, which we ate while listenning to Morrissey.

Making an outfit for Hell:
Hell is the club I adore going to.

The jacket- an oversized vintage boy's blazer altered in the front by pulling the lapels closer to fit me $7

Skirt- Tulle under knit lace (tulle makes it poofy) $2

Shirt- Altered knit shirt from Katmandu, added satin ties and altered neckline $4

Stockings- Cut from a pair one size too small and strapped on with yellow electrical tape $7

You cannot see the outfit under the jacket because it may be slightly revealing... Kat was an amazing dancer; she's got mad flow.

Left: Roommate Kat and myself outfitted for Hell.
TopRight: Kat
Botton Right: Back detail of my outfit

06 SEPT 03

Talk About Not Fitting In:

I went to a party with a bunch of "pomo"s. Apparently "pomo" is slang for post-modernist, a term to describe dressing like you are from the eighties. Pomo is the new emo... which I also never understood. (pomo and emo are sort of genres like goth or punk).

Meet my roommate, Kat's, brother. He is an artist who was walking down the street one fine day and was asked by a lady at Gucci to model for pictures. He will also be in a fall fashion show and in several glossy magazine photos.

Last night I went to a party hosted by a billionaire that had only organic food. The steak was massaged. I also got to play tetris with the pomo kids, and two gameboys were hooked up to speakers with a special mod chip. The gameboy-speaker device made music for the pomo kids to dance to... like they are out of flash dance.

Thus I feel the need to seek my fame and fortune.

04 SEPT 03

So I Lied

I did manage the internet thing, and is it ever so good and fuzzy on the inside.

Today marks day 2 of life sans Ethernet.

Daily account of DAY 2 - Life sans Ethernet
6am wake up followed by one hour at the gym. Return home for vigorous scrubbing of everything in kitchen; cleansing and reorganizing of room; lunch on Thayer visit with a friend at smoothie king; comic book store; homework attempt; nap. In bed by 11 pm.

Future account of DAY 3-
6 am wake-up followed by one hour at the gym. Return home to unpack; install internet with "cable guy"; make doctor appointment; trip to boston for lunch and purchase of special "asian" groceries; etc. etc…

I was skeptical about the gym at first, but went with an open mind. However, when I set foot inside I saw something that was going to keep me going back again and again, internet access. So while I don't have internet at home I will become a regular gym rat.

I've noticed that the lack of internet gives me more time, during which I compulsively clean… Or it might be the normal amount of cleaning that I've never done before.

So I wonder, if I didn't waste so much time on aim, would I have a highly balanced life (with exercise, cleaning, normal people sleeping hours, and getting things done responsibly)?

03 SEPT 03

The Quickest Way:

to my heart is through banana nut bread and watermelon..

I am going to be on temporary internet hiatus for anywhere between a week and a month due to lack of computer and internet access... I am leaving for p in 9 hours and haven't started packing. Here's what I intend to happen this year:

1. I've decided to play the fashion game-I will dress the part (I'm bringing four suit-type jackets up, healed boots, keeping my hair long, and loosing the t-shirt, jean, sneaker look); I will "read" their weird magazines (by "read" I really mean look at the pictures in vogue, err… and I'll have to find out what the others are called).
2. I'm going to nerd-it from the privacy of my home- While Fashionista on the outside, my closet nerd will take comp. sci. classes on the internet from fccj.
3. I will stop belittling boys- or maybe just boys that I like. Regardless, I have recently learned the important lesson over summer; I should not care purely for myself and my personal affects.
4. I will work more effectively- next time this packing thing will be done by 12 and I will be sleeping.

I found my sketchbook from 10th grade (which I don't ever remember having kept… but it's there). Sadly, my drawing hasn't improved that much in the past 5 years. I think it actually regressed in 11-12th grade. But most of my artwork from 10th grade was stolen, so I will only know from my sketchbook.

Umm… so, story of my life: I have to bring 21 jacket/coat/sweaters up to school with me, because I brought them all to fair j for some strange reason. They actually get their own box. Then I will have to buy a steamer because you can't iron "jacket" material or it will get shiny in weird places.