I think bathroom accommodations run hand-in-hand with economic status, the more money you have, the higher you sit. The folks in Inner Mongolia sure do have stalls with squat-pots and no doors/no privacy. A squat-pot is a little porcelain pit in the ground that flushes. To relieve oneself, you squat over the pit, pee or poo, and flush. Unless you're at a high class place it's BYOTP (bring your own toilet paper). I chalk the no privacy thing up to China's insanely large population.

As if squatting isn't enough of a strain, some people miss the pit when going both #1 and #2. As the day progresses, fecal matter begins to populate the area around the pit. The fecal matter population was so high before 7 am cleanup that I waded into the middle of a giant treeless field to pee. Some people saw me naked from the waist down, but I'll never see them again.


Diana EXPOSED: the story of how some people saw too much of me

I think this is all a load of crap and I'm going to comment on it
I'll just read the comments


go ahead, email me and try it
I've got gmail,
Google's email,
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on horsey in squat-pot mongolia

I went to China,

some entrance

a fun

artsy-photo, house, mongolia


Katherine in Forbidden City

with my roommate

Kat in garden in Shanghai

the lovely

Kat, Temple of Heaven


Jessica Lam

We made friends

Me, Ti, and Jinny

who helped us

Kat and Cindy

learn Chinese.

Jonathan with broom weapon

I met a nice boy

with Yang Guifei

with a great

Oh my!

sense of humor,

the Great Wall

and took lots of

an alley by McDonalds

pictures of

garden in Shanghai


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I <3 LOgIc
Today's inspiration is provided by Isaac Henry who insightfully points out:
"What's the worst that could happen?"


It's all about the $$$

So I need a little extra cash to help my parents along. I hope to become an imaginary gf. Soon, you might be able to purchase letters filled with my wit, sarcasm, and keen artistic abilities at:


I will be using the pseudonym Drew Ling.




Hi BRIAN (marsha's bf) thanks for reading my journal even though i never update; I think all my other readers have given up. Blah, blah, your dorm. Something, something, pi? Something, something, 3.14159265...? "




Enter stage right Ms. China Doll
a back-dated entry

Having a lifelong habit of flouting my ethnicity instead of flaunting it, imagine my embarrassment when on a date I realized that my inability to use chopsticks was not due to my swanky coolness, but my own ignorance.

With this in mind, Katherine and I are China bound for summer to discover our Asianess.



Move over East meets West fusion food, today I photographed the ninja assimilating to modern Western culture.

le premier Mars 2004

petition ninja assimilation

rread about ninja simulation