27OCT Design Monkey
What is good design? And why I am it's bitch.

How do you explain good design? I lay in bed at night with my "good design" stuffed animal (a well proportioned monkey who's head, body and legs have a 1:1 ratio, and his arms have a 1.5:1 ration to his body) reading my "good design" magazine (ID magazine). And ID magazine is indeed the ultimate all around good design magazine. I was flipping through it on the subway and some man was like, "what magazine is that, it is so colorful and pretty." I'm such a sucker for the aesthetically pleasing. But does it come down to being a mathematical ratio? Even matching colors are mathematically related on a color scale. Or just something eye catching. Or is it the mathematical ratio that makes things eye-catching? Well, we'll find out when someone writes a program to replace graphic designers.


NERD HIGH REUNION Meeting high school friends from Stanton College Preparatory School in New York City.

I graduated from a tiny IB class of 90 in the lovely southern city of Jacksonville. That's why it is surprising that one year after graduation, as far as we have found, 7 of 90 are living in the big apple. So we all got together for dinner then reconvened afterwards for an evening of math and shape recognition puzzles. Go brain go!

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  So I went eager to see a fat woman with a gold-horned hat belting it out across the stage. There was no fat woman. But it was amazing. It was like going to a live concert with the stage, set, and cast of a musical in the background mixed in with the drama of a soap opera. The cool thing, is that like any concert you can feel the emotions of the live music. Only the emotions are choreographed to the storyline. If you've ever noticed the difference between watching a movie at home on a tiny tv and watching a movie in the theater then you should try the opera.
Night at the Opera
ShawnaKim Lowey-Ball got free tickets to the opera, 8th row dead center and invited me along!


This is the guy who taught me that I should exfoliate. He was walking down the streets of NYC and someone asked him to dance on the Fallout Boy music video, because they liked his hair. The video came out Tuesday, and he watches to find out that he has two of his very own segments! Anything is possible in NYC.

14OCT Thomas Moon
dancing on a music video

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I've dreamt of making it into ID magazine since I was 13. As a child I made really awful pamphlets and brochures documenting my latest design ideas for things such as nesting tea cups and landscape inspired furniture. Then I would send the brochures off to ID mag editors positive that they would feature me the next month. I was never selected. And after going to art school I've often wondered what they thought of my subpar entries. But this month I made the cover with the inflatable dress I made with Emily Albinski. The gorgeous girl in the photo is my roommate JungIn You.

Me on ID
I made the cover of ID magazine!!!



26SEPT EX bf's
when your ex calls you for tech-support

So last night, after not speaking to me for weeks, my ex bf/date-person calls me because he needs help fixing his computer. We haven't spoken since we broke up almost a month ago. And it wasn't an amiable break-up. I guess people get friendlier at odd hours in the evening when their computer won't boot up. They are left with the choice of calling Microsoft (which conjures up mental pictures of Bill Gates) or me (which reminds them of slightly more attractive, and at least female, me). Yay, I win. Yay, I am ever-so-slightly more attractive than you, Bill… though I guess if it really bothered you, you could afford some kick-ass plastic surgery. Of course, looks really shouldn't matter.

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My first Maya

My first 3-d maya image ever! homework for a class I am taking. the assignment, make a snowman, and an environment for your snowMAN. So my man is just gender confused.


Dressing the Verrier Show
You can read about Ashley Verrier in the New York Times and Womens Wear Daily...

Sometimes I feel like they abuse the models. One girl had a giant open sore on her foot (probably from a blister that had recently popped). The make-up woman comes up and rubs make-up in it with her brush so that it won't show. Ouch!



in LA

It's really sad when Kat's moving van is bigger than my bedroom. We even feng shui'd the interior of her van.


18 APRIL 05

MIT Fashion Show: I am a participant.
Check out the website: http://seamless.sigtronica.org

11 April 2005, Monday

I'm going to be photographed!!! Not because I am pretty or have the perfect figure, but because I am a nerd. And I quote:

"I can say with confidence that if you are designing clothing based on the Russian theory of inventive problem solving you most definitely qualify as a nerd, and I would therefore be happy to photograph you and your objets du nerd."




R di

03 April 05

Filming studio, New York, New York

Me prepping our electronic dress on the model who looks exactly like the super mean girl from mean girls: She was really nice and understanding though, and sat patiently convered in plastic for hours while we filmed. Camera man Mike said that Emily and I were the directors. I really like bossing beautiful people around.



That's what I get for never buying their clothes...

I interviewed for a job with Abercrombie & Fitch. Given their anti-nerd policy, I never thought I would have any interest in them. However, they were at my school, so I thought "practice interview." I'm not surprised that I didn't get the job.





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