01 FEB 04

I can't:

Think of a single random side comment to make

Look, I am the Risd website



just try to click on me you sap

what I lack in function I make up for in ApPEARance

23 JAN 04

If I had a bf...:

He would get me a visiting membership to materialconnexion.com because he loves me. But not really. I'm low maintenance, I always order water and offer to pay, open the door for myself, and the boy.



This is somewhat of my semester project. With a lot of kinks that I will be working out. But the question is, would you be interested in keeping up with a website like that. Would that be more or less interesting than the typical blog?

19 JAN 04

Happy Birthday:

Popular Transit is 1 year old! And all thanks to Sarah Duncan for introducing me to frames and tables.

Random FAQ:

Popular Transit 3.0 - We are actually celebrating the birthday of the third version of Popular Transit.

Google - in a Google search of "Popular Transit" PopularTransit.com appears second out of "about" 575,000 results.

DidiDesign.com - was PopularTransit.com's original domain name

Does anyone remember Biscuit Muncher?

17 JAN 04

Today's Weather:

Warm! A big 32 degrees. But I'm not being sarcastic, this is a warm day for us.

I'm the only windows platform user in my wearable computers class of 9 boys and two girls. I've realized that even if I do find an artsy guy who happens to be a computer geek, this will be my future:

But yeah, I'm becoming cross platform. I haven't figured out how to maximize windows, but I can applescript the shiznick out of anything. In fact, I bet I could applescript my way to window maximization.

15 JAN 04

Current mood:

Peachy as hell. Of course hell makes me peachy. There was another jerkoff boy who did the whole, "please don't hit on me my gf is here" thing, I didn't want to hit on him, I was just telling him information. "Excuse me sir, your hair is on fire." "Please don't hit on my, I'm here with a girl."

I met Rob Hummel a screen writer for "Invader Zim" (a show on Nickelodeon). He has this neat intellectual street wear look going (like, "I am from London, but really from America, and sort of a nerd") ("like" in the simile sort of way, not valley girl, though I realize it isn't a simile…)

I asked him starry-eyed questions about his hometowns Hollywood/L.A.. He showed me pictures of himself hanging out with the pony-tailed boy from "Third Rock from the Sun" and also "10 Things I Hate About You." I thought that Hollywood would be inundated with famous people. But apparently, the famous people still get mobbed by the infamous people asking for autographs.

Invader Zim (top)- you might have seen such products in Hot Topic.
Rob (botton)- Using my Googling prowess, I have procured a picture of him from his guest appearance in I.Z.

10 JAN 04

Morning Quandary:

I needed ½ cup water, but could only find the 1 and ¾ cup measuring devices. So I filled the 1 cup and poured ¾ cup leaving me with ¼ cup. I repeated the process (1/4 + ¼ = ½) and was a happy microwave mac filled girl.

The Debate Reigns: Gothic or not?

I think my brother's friend is stalking me. I've never spoken to her, and yet she tells him the following via aim:

Donald'sASEXUALfemaleAquantance: u are more like what your sister is
Donald'sASEXUALfemaleAquantance: gothic kinda
Donald'sASEXUALfemaleAquantance: like almost comparable to kids who like to talk about how much they want to stab something

I'm not gothic. Am I gothic? But then in high school I didn't think I was artsy.

01 JAN 04

Ripping-off :

the Diesel sweeties webcomic. I should get out and live my life, read less webcomics, etc. but not really.

Resolution: 1024 x 786

28 DEC 03


to become soft or liquid with age. Sounds yummy.

Sibling Bonding

I went to see Lord of the Rings with Donald and his friend Max. As an exercise to test how clairvoyant Max was, Donald and I wore matching outfits. After the movie, we three ran into our parents who had unwittingly worn the exact same shirt.

When later questioned on the subject Max revealed that he "had some suspicions."

25 DEC 03


Holidays and such. I was sick on this day, but am betterish now thanks the Claritin!



for how


the boys

they wrap their toys? - Victoria Secrets new line of gift wrap drives feminists wild!

But not really. More like, Diana has gone Martha Stewart style with some old Victoria Secrets catalogs to wrap her asexual 16 yr. old brother's Christmas gifts.

left- Donald's Christmas presents. Donald on said presents, "It was like they were wrapped in softcore porn. it burned me."

16 DEC 03

Other, Significant:

One of those supposed signigicant things in life happenned today. It could be anything from my finding god, solving of some formerly unsolved math formulas, or moments of self discovery to eating a cookie.

13 DEC 03


A Fabulous (wth a capital 'F') gay dance club in Jacksonville. Perhaps the best dance club in Jacksonville. Imagine being one of 5 girls in a sea of pretty shirtless boys, the best dance music mixes, and no noobs groping you.

Metro with Waffqle for dancing, dancing, dancing, and ranch... but not at the same time. More importantly, some guy asked Waffqle if he was there with the, "hot, Philippino boy (me)." So what if people can't distinguish my ethnicity or gender, at least I'm hot? : )



I was completley inundated with school work. The Big Lebowski made me cry. It's a funny movie, I was simply heavily sleep deprived.