27 FEB 03

The truffles were delectable, my work was not in the show, and Donald is going to international science fair.

I have one more project to finish before a delectable four day weekend. Oh, I used that word already...

I found this fabulous, "if you are the lucky winner you get $10,000" fashion design for the future contest. Perhaps I will enter. Don't get your hopes up mom, I did a little research and all of the finalists last year graduated in the eighties. Not that age matters. Perhaps I am young and sprightly, like that blond guy in Lord of the Rings.

26 FEB 03

Today was filled with great adventures at the Cranston printworks factory (where printed fabrics get those pretty little designs applied). Our class field tripped over to the factory, then were given 10 yards of printed fabric, selected at random, to make an outfit. This is a RISD tradition dating back over twenty years. That brings us to atleast the early eighties... I've got to find some slides of past projects.

25 FEB 03

I have a really big project due tommorrow, that I haven't felt like starting yet... I'm such a BAAAAAAAADDDDD person. The RISD apparel department is having a show on Thursday. I just found out about it. You should go. I might even be in it; there are promises of truffles, a runway, and great happenning fun. Plus my roommate Kat is serving drinks, so you might even stop by and say "hi" to her.

Ah yes, today is regional science fair competition in my little lovely hometown. Such memories, I'm a nerd (and PROUD). Donald is participating, so kudos and much luck to him.

23 FEB 03

Hey, check me out! Don't I have a nice butt? So, that's not really me. These skirts are all the "rage" in Japan. The skirts are not see through, they have these images printed in the patterns.

22 FEB 03

I went to gainesville for adventure and fun with Waffqle last night. We were very kindly welcomed into Carter and Lauren's home (I must emphasize the kindly, because we just showed up, and they let us spend the night and shared their stuff with us). Fred made an appearance, and I was privy to a delightful conversation between he and Lauren about anthropology and evolution.

20 FEB 03

Donald, my younger brother at 10 pm said to me, "I am performing in the Shakespeare festival tommorrow, can you make me a costume?" I replied with all sorts of "Why didn't you ask me earlier?" and "sure." Then I headed out to Walmart for supplies (fabric and gold trim).

The crown - This sporty relic was fabricated from masking tape, blue satin, gold trim, a paper bag, 3 paper towels, a sharpie, and coin rolls.

The jacket- a recycled mantailored shirt becomes the perfect necesity for any Romeo, or prince.

The cost of this little endeavor- a big FOUR dollars.

Creation time- 3.5 hours

14 FEB 03

My final project for "electronics for artists" was due today (meaning I did not sleep last night). Yet, since it is Valentine's Day, I went to a club on 40 hours of awakeness, my roommate Erin, her boy, and her boy's boy (who was saving me from being a third wheel). What can I say, but "oh my." Her boy's boy kept asking if I wanted to "check out the bathroom." Other than that, he was a very nice guy. I also picked up a construction worker and the DJ.

Here's the deal with the DJ. I was just dancing around like everyone else, when the DJ on the microphone said something like "there are some really hot girls dancing out there tonight, especially that asian connection in the corner." I looked around to see who he was talking about and discovered that the only asian person there was me. Gee, being a minority is so swanky cool. Anyways, mr. politically correct DJ kept talking to me on the mic, then followed me out when I left the club.

I've decided that being asain is like having really big breasts. It attracts guys, but for all the wrong reasons. Being asain with really big breasts must suck.

10 FEB 03

I had the greatest girly morning with my roommate Erin. We had crepes for breakfast and talked about cute boys like ewan mccrgregor and kitty boy and goth band boy followed by lotion and ftp. Then there was shopping on thayer; a very spontaneous affair involving trying on clothes and reading valentine's cards. And finally we capped it off with a return visit to Thayer st. to post our previous valentines purchases, and drop off dry cleaning.

Morrissey is great. I have to go to studio now, sigh.

8 FEB 03

I am modelling today for Emily's underwater photography project.

6 FEB 03

I spent all day working on my electronic dress with partner emily. She reminds me of em youngberg. The dress changes color (with LED's) and shape (inflation and deflation with air). The color changes can be programmed by the wearer/user? I hope it works.


5 FEB 03

So I haven't quite learned the pleasures of the vacuform machine. The truth of the matter is, that the very nice monitor was helping me use the machines. But I could not get to the ID studio in time to get help. It is all really my fault.

The vacuform machine heats plastic and then forms it (using a vacume) around an object or shape. It is responsible for the plastic packaging of action figures, and those new hard gladware containers. So technically, one could fabricate any product in the ID studio.

4 FEB 03

Tommorrow I get to go use the vacuform machine! It's a dream come true, sigh... I will explain more later.

I'm so irked by people making their bf/gf priorities over college. I mean it is a major investment.

1 FEB 03

Happy Chinese New Years! I like how www.google.com changes it's look on the appropriate holiday.

Wintersession is almost over; steps are being taken to make an electronic dress... I will be in j is less than two weeks! EmailGUY continues to be amusing and introduced me to cafepress. You can visit my estore at :

my store

I may be writing an article about consumer created products and viewer created art for the Brown Catalyst (I am on their web design team).

30 JAN 03

The Brown Catalyst (a magazine "bridging the gap between science and humanities") came out around today. I was one of three of the web design crew. I designed the page, a boy wrote out the code, and another boy managed the affair. Supposedly a fourth will be joining our little group...


28 JAN 03

I have been shirking my duties at everything, replying to email, updating webpages, taking care of things with student services. I'm all sorts of irresponsibility, it's like I've disappeared off the face of the earth. It is oh-so-nice.

Meanwhile, to pass the time: I went to the brown library. Not to research mind you, but to sit in one of the nice little study cubicles, and draw bad comics of a girl who likes milk and a boy who likes to smoke.

25 JAN 03

I was bored and replied to a personal. Sort of as a curiosity; to see what it would be like to email correspond with a random person. The conclusions are pure irony. Unknowingly, I replied to a guy who was a computer science major from Cornell and applying to grad school at MIT. A relationship with him would make my parents so proud, and my brother so happy. Even though his emails are always humorous and make my laugh, I am finding it hard to reply everyday. Haven't figured out what to do about that…

22 JAN 03

Cripes! I think RISD is making me shallow. I used to not care what potential dating boys looked like. But it turns out I do... It's not that I am particularly attractive either. But maybe I look better on paper than in real life.

21 JAN 03

After many sleepless nights due to a loud wind-blown shaky window, I got really pissed off and ripped the window out. To clarify, I removed the outer glass storm window. Then I slept 12 hours and awoke at 3pm to a meatloaf dinner.

21 JAN 03

Lamenting the day: tonight a boy (whom I barely know) invited me to go to New York with him tomorrow at 8 am. He was going to give me a ticket. I have always been attracted to the idea of spontaneous travel, but I've heard so many bad things about him from other people, that the idea of going with him seemed silly (not to mention all levels of sketchyness). Now I feel guilty.

I saw Gangs of New York today; it was "decent." I felt as though the beginning was corny, but the middle was good.

Wintersession (a special 6 week RISD semester) finds me taking "The Artist's Machine" (a sort of electronics for artists). So tomorrow I need to build a basic stamp and some sort of electronic device that reacts to two sources of input (i.e. sound and light) and outputs some sort of oscillation. I wish I had less work and more time to paint.

I've been feeling really depressed. But they say depression is a phenomenon, comparable to the "fainting" sickness of the Victorian Age. In other words, it's trendy. I attribute the feeling to weather. Therefore, people with peppy music should share it with me (currently I am listening to no doubt's tragickingdom, and save ferris).

Breakers House

20 JAN 03

I day-tripped to Newport with Jerad. Originally, I had invisioned it as a sort of Disney World where the rich people are the main attraction. It turned out to be the Providence equivilant of St. Augustine. We toured one of the Vanderbuilt children's mansions (The Breakers); it had 22 bathrooms and 42 servants.



19 JAN 03

My roommate Sarah introduced me to frames. Yay for her! She made this webpage endeavor possible.

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