25 AUG 03


We had so many mice, that I didn't have to yank any from working computers... All the mice were just lying about.... Need a mouse?

On marriage…
Someone asked me to marry them today, I said "no."

However, I was engaged to be married almost exactly a year ago. It was supposed to be very hush-hush, a sort of eloping with my best friend and the boy's best friend as witnesses. We had the dresses all picked out, but it fell through. There were supposed to be rings (from one of those quarter machines), a prenup., and temporary changing of my last name. Then we would divorce a month later. We both wanted to be able to say, "yes, I was married before, I was young and 19… No, it didn't work out."

Right: The outfit I had chosen for last year's "wedding" (minus the mouse bouquet)


Mouse Bouquet
instructions Martha Stewart Style

1. First castrate your mice by removing their balls. (I like my mice like I like my men… j/k).
2. Using floral arranging sticks, and scotch tape, tape the mice to the sticks.
3. Add foliage.

17 AUG 03

Guy Pals:

I hung out with my best pal James today. He's the greatest. Not only does he give great boy advice (because he is a boy), but we play halo.

I finally found a photo reference of two people kissing. It's almost impossible to find one. And it's not like I can go up to my friends and say, "hey, you two, you're dating right? Can you kiss each other so I can use you as a photo reference? Oh, a little to the right. Ok good. Hold that pose. No, no, less tongue."

11 AUG 03

Boys are toys:

J/k! I'm going to start being nicer to boys... Yep that is my new aspiration in life, as well as brainwashing the general populartion through the clothes they buy.


Donald and I were driving to Nicotine (a tabacco product store in 5 points) to buy his yearly supply of clothing for school when we spotted the HOT DIX mobile.


03 AUGUST 03


bowl of cherries. I'm so sick of krispy kreme doughnuts. If i ever have another one I am going to puke everywhere (my mommy works at KK).


Where can you go to be surrounded by hot guys all night long? A LAN party.

I was there with 7 hot guys and one hot girl. And it was really hot... there were 9 computers running in an unairconditioned garage.

LAN- local area network. Think of it as a plug and play for computer games. A group gathers, computers entow, we hook them together on a network, and play games together, share files, etc... or talk on aim...

31 JULY 03

Some Boy:

told me he loved me today. I think people like to tell me that to mess with me.


I've been doodling... Yay, James is risen (err, i mean returned). Blah blah, stuff about people you don't know. Boys, more boys, girl... just kidding.


28 JULY 03

I look:

Insanely pissed off in my new picture on the side. Hmm, maybe I should change that.. It's my err, makeup angst.


i accidentally drew a picture of myself in my underwear. you might be wondering how that detail could slip my mind; after drawing naked people every thursday for a year, underwear seems like a complete outfit.


I should be at work, except that genius lil' ol' me misplaced her keys. So mommy has to drive back from her job at krispie kreme with the extra set. SUCK!!!

A summation of things I have been doing in the past two weeks: one darling kitten--Paul Oakenfold with Jay and Jason and my parents at a night club called Plush-Sonny's with em, em, ike, dave (sounds like a pop band)-two calls from THE creepy ex bf-Plushing it with girl pals Christina, em, kt + jay-collecting pirated software (of course I would never really do that)… Such is life : )

10 JULY 03


The entry for July 7. But what can I say, procrastination rues the day. I'm not sure if that made any sense, but it rhymed.







And here we have my teeth. I received a satisfactory report at the dentist today. This is probably because I have spent 23 minutes a day brushing since third grade. A dental hygienist gave a presentation in the auditorium and scared me into brushing with her plaque monster puppet.

09 JULY 03


with everyone, so I drove to the dog track and back with Katie. Yeah that makes sense, in the I don't have a gambling addiction way. Plus it reminds me of the 300zx I killed.

Today I passed out at work. I am now a shining example of why women shouldn't be allowed in the work place. I had only been standing for an hour at my less-than-overly demanding job in full airconditioning when i fainted. Tommorrow I am loading myself up with carbs; spaghetti for breakfast!

And no more comments, they take way too long to make, no one ever comments, and thus they aren't time effective.

07 JULY 03

Based on:

Jacksonville billboard

Above: the product of Diana and Adobe Photoshop

Lex & Terry did not want these boards to go up because the idea has been done a thousand times by other morning shows, but the company did so against their wishes. -Lex&TerryWebsite

Why am I against the Lex & Terry billboard, but not against Hooters?

Although Hooters may be setting the feminist movement back fifteen years, willing women have the right to flaunt it. If they enjoy a slap on the butt and being oogled, then more power to them. Therefore both the waitresses and the customers are getting what they want.

But, are these Lex or Terry's breasts? No, this is an excuse to show cleavage on the interstate. "Hey look, we made a giant picture of breasts for your viewing pleasure. Therefore, you should listen to our radio station."

06 JULY 03

Hit on by:

Two different guys who seemed the same age as my brother. Boy was that ever freaky and weird. Talk about robbing the cradle, I must have been wearing my "young" outfit today.

Tonight was the annual gathering of Mindy, Liz, Anne, and myself. After turning down ideas of pursuing bad date activities as evenning entertainment(i.e. mini-golf, bowling, visiting Super Walmart), we visited Mindy's Dad's apartment and watched Sex and the City with Godiva icecream.

03 JULY 03


For three hours, then woke up to do work before a day out with james, dave, andy, and andy's friend.


See the pretty pictures; sometimes I feel like it's all in the packaging.

I got Sonny's, went to the beach to play football and frisbee, played Halo, and saw Charlie's Angels today.

And then this amazing boy gave me access to the world's greatest FTP server. This is better than if Kenneth Cole let me have all of their clothes for free.


30 JUNE 03

Me = Bad Fashion Designer:

I couldn't iron my brother's shirt today; I get graded on my ironning abilities in class. Not only did i keep ironning extra wrinkles in brother's shirt, but I was eating a cookie and some of the chocolate fell on the shirt. I ironned that chocolate right into the fabric.

My Guest Appearance on TV

Today I experienced life as a single working mom. I left work early to iron Donald's shirt, fix his hair, and take him to a school board meeting to receive an award... then I was called center stage in front of the cameras as his representative parent.

While there, I learned that there is a pic of my old sci fair project located here: http://www.educationcentral.org/acadprog/Science.htm

Egads, I think webcrawlers are storming my site. As you may have noticed, there is a webcounter cleverly/not-so-cleverly placed in the side picture. It counts visitors by each new IP address* that visits my site. There is no way that thirty new human visitors saw my site today.

*What is an IP address you ask?

29 JUNE 03

Tonight, Tonight:

I was supposed to go clubbing, but wound up watching a movie with some good ol' friends. So I've decided to entertain you with my last clubbing eperience in Providence's HELL.

I dressed incognito, sporting bjork twisted hair, black slacks and sleeveless, and sunglasses (as opposed to my usual curly bob, bright colored dress, w/ contacts); I was trying to avoid being approached by a certain boy E. Unfortunatley, seeing a barely lit world through tinted lenses made it really difficult to ascertain whether or not boy E was there. I personally believe that he was, and that my disguise was flawless as he did not approach me.

A different boy started to dance with me. Then, out of no where, he starts waving his crotch at me. EWW! What do you say in a situation like that? “your crotch is not attractive sir, I really would not enjoy dancing with it.”

Then I was hit on by man G who tried to speak to me in Japanese. This is not uncommon in “my life as a Chinese-American” (you know, because despite the fact that my family has lived in America for five generations, I am not “American.” Neither are American Indians. But those originating from Europe, they are true “Americans”). Man G kept following me around the dance floor, despite the fact that I was obviously running away from him. Finally, Marsha and her boy (Sean) gave me a demonstration of how to deal with these sorts of situations in the future. I have provided an illustrated diagram below in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation.


1. Shove him in a forceful manner, using two hands. 2. Say “FUCK OFF!” in a commanding tone. Since I rarely curse (I hope I don’t giggle after I say “fuck,” that would really ruin my assertion).

24 JUNE 03

My First :

Day of work. The icecream truck came and everyone got free icecream. I love work!

Falling in Love with stability.

What is it about the world that makes the general population fall in love with stability and commitment? Is it knowing that the whatever, whenever, whomever will be there exactly when you want it? And why have I always thought my life all the better because I kept irregular sleeping hours, got jobs on commission, refuse to commit to one guy, and had no regular place of residence as indicated by my laptop computer (home is where I share the ethernet)?

This summer,I've added the variable of regularity. I'm loving it. I have a steady job, I'm sitting at my desktop (typing on my 12 year old keyboard)... so those are the only two regular things at the moment. They make me feel really good about myself. I go regularly to work, and regularly have a desktop to come home to, that always sits in the same place in my room. It makes me wonder, do I really want to join the spontaneous world of glitzy fashion, clubs, and art gallery openings?

23 JUNE 03

Angry At:

The city of Jacksonville. Could this also be because I have been without airconditioning for two days?

Emasculating Boys

Apparently I emasculate boys, dates, potential dates, anything male. I'll marry the man who changes his last name to Eng. Perhaps that's an exaggeration.

We live in a society that boasts equal rights for women. So when Saturday came along, I asked a nice boy to have a friendly dinner with me. When the check came, he wanted to pay for me. However, I felt that it was inappropriate since I had asked him. Some people have complained that when I insist on going Dutch, they feel like I am asserting my independence from them. So I went for a third option. I grabbed the check, and paid for the guy. This was the first dinner I'd ever treated a boy to, and I felt really good about myself. I'm not sure if he felt good about himself (he made some comments about cutting off his penis and handing it to me); but he should have felt good about himself. If you were a guy and a cute* girl wanted to buy you dinner, would there be anything so wrong with that (*he said I was, of course, this is before I bought the dinner). Whenever I go out with guys who aren't particularly my friends they always insist on paying. What's so different if the girl pays?

17 JUNE 03

Returning From :

Chicago- My fourth "home city" where I spent two weeks in the Chicago Art Institute summer program some 3 years ago.

Neocon 2003 is a furniture exhibition. It takes place in the Chicago Merchandise Mart, the world's largest enclosed vendor space. I wish that everyone had a chance to attend Neocon; you walk through interior spaces that look like things out of the movies, or music videos. You are "shmoozed" with drinks and gifts just for visiting.

left- (above) a carpet company promotes their tree inspired designs by simulating birches on paper tubes; (below)they completed the look with cardboard furniture ordered from this site: http://www.returdesign.com/

right- one of the many installation show rooms; companies rent space to put up displays if they do not own a showroom



Donald's Filler:

SPECIAL FEATURE!!! Donald portrays our family trip to Arizona in the very merry month of May.
Donald entering his Fortress of Solitude

a product of donald's witt and diana's digital camera. only, donald has writer's block, so perhaps comentary will be added later, or his friends will fill in for him.