29 APR 03

here we SCROLL:

HOROZONTALLY!!! That's right, use some side-scrolling action if you want to read more comic.

28 APR 03


I was sick. I miss my mommy, I wish I had a bf or something to take care of me. It was so sad, I had to buy microwave soup from store 24 and i felt like i was going to pass out : (


Being the only person at RISD who can swim has its perks. These are photos of me as Emily's underwater model.

You might wonder, "what happenned to the webcomic?" Of course you might like these fabulous photoshopped digital representations of my life more than my little people sketches and their subpar story line. I'm trying to learn from my brother's strange wit and sarcasm, while not committing to a life as "the cynic." Anyways, the comic is getting a make-over, something that every talented fashion student should be good at giving.


24 APR 03


is bad, so so bad, and smelly. Arg, I smell like cigarettes, and I think I spelled cigarette incorrectly.

Today I saw Ex-Nihilo, the greatest goth-boy band ever. This is Erin's boy's band. We got in for free, hung out with all the bands while they were setting up, and I got a free t-shirt. The drummer was amazing and played with both his hands and feet at the same tim, like a monkey!




22 APR 03

current project:

Designing clothes for super heroes But right now I am really tired and working on sleep..

These were the architecture students' installations (err, last week). It was fun, I got to walk around in them. They were assembled over the weekend, and taken down after two days. The tunnel is made of a bunch of wood plates bolted together, and was lit underneath at night. Thank God I am an apparel designer.


21 APR 03


Ok, I am aware that a lot of these are a bit strange, but I'm working on it

Hey donald, happy 16. Don't go driving my car though.

19 APR 03 webcomic:
Comments and criticisms welcome, these first five are somewhat of a test run..

17 APR 03 webcomic:
Comments and criticisms welcome, these first five are somewhat of a test run..

16 APR 03 the fashion in my life: is definitley improving. I think i am over my lovely hump. Oh joy and wonderous things.


This is a kimono sleeve shirt I made some weeks ago. Anyways, I had dinner with Jared tonight, that was really nice; the whole going out for once.

My roommate Kat gave me sound advice, to focus on something other than the main topic at hand. I think that started the wheel of inspiration. She also brought me yummy Asian food, because all Asian things are the best (especially the Asian art-nerds).


15 APR 03 webcomic:
it's supposed to be somewhat autobiographical (i.e. all these things actually happenned).

13 APR 03 with passing:
i can't wait to go home, where it is warm, and people are nice.

The assignment: design sportswear

I chose bicycling outfits, somewhat inspired by the crazy outfits my parents wear. I really like the shoes.

Miss L. Rand asks: why are the people so insanely thin?

It is a marketing ploy. Skinny people are supposed to simulate walking hangers. One only sees clothing on hangers in the store; it may be the best fitting garment in the world, but you sure as hell aren't going to try it on if it is ugly on the hanger.

09 APR 03 journal:
Joy, some aspects of my life minus wisdom teeth and other savory bits... err but hopefully with a new outlook on life... Right. Calamity strikes.

I'm heading back on the road towards inspiration. A special prize to anyone who can knock me back on track; my semester project remains unresolved, with the due date looming ever near. Procrastination is my best friend and worst enemy, and our cat is having a spazz attack at 4:18 am and running into my door repeatedly. Oh well, no attention for him.

Here's what's up with the website, and all that crazy mish mash. I'm test driving a bunch of different things. Ultimatley, there will be webcomicy fun (because my drawing skills may be more worthy of attention than my writing skills).




Left: a dress I made yesterday (homework).

07 APR 03 magazineColumn:
This was my idea for something of a newspaper/magazine column. It deals with social issues as they are affected by technology (i.e. trends, relationships. clothes).

Family Matters

Last Thanksgiving, my uncle and I sat in the living room on our laptops and bonded over the lack of Ethernet at my grandmother's house. It's not that my grandmother lack's technology. Infact, everyone at our family's Thanksgiving get together knows C++ (my grandmother, uncle, dad, mom, younger brother and me). Our after diner activities include shopping online, installing new hardware, and playing with my uncles' new techie toys (last year he had children's PDA's that messaged each other via infared, the year before it was a digital camera).

My parents are always encouraging me to bring a boyfriend home for Thanksgiving. But I worry that said "boyfriend" won't be able to relate to my family. I thought of devising a quiz that I might hand out to potentials: Do you know C++ and atleast one other programming language? Are you an Engineer? What is your IQ? But dating doesn't really work that way.


06 APR 03 magazineColumn:
This was my idea for something of a newspaper/magazine column. It deals with social issues as they are affected by technology (i.e. trends, relationships. clothes).

Comfort items

Remember the stuffed animal, the security blanket, the pacifier? Do we become secure as we grow up, or do our security objects simply evolve?
I had a deep personal attachment to my pc with it's 6 gig hard drive, 32 MB of RAM, and cd-rom that only works 35% of the time. It is my five-year science fair project, it is what I was playing with when my first bf asked me out on the phone, it is where my best friend consoled me at early hours in the morning on IM. It was my pre-college existence. So when I graduated to my pIII laptop with it's 16 gig hard drive, 192 MB of RAM, and CD-ROM/DVD player/burner (the burning part working 35% of the time), I still booted up my old gateway (fondly dubbed M. Ordinateur) whenever I returned home. I was going to keep it forever.

But I traded it to a guy for help setting up a Linux server (the very one that would host this page if only I was so fortunate). How was I supposed to explain to him that he was getting M. Ordinateur, the PC I was going to spend the rest of my life with; the one I talked to in French at 5 a.m. when I was babbling and finishing research papers. I was giving him a piece of me. It was irksome!

But it's ok. I bought an adapter for the keyboard that has been with me for 12 years. The keys have the perfect pitched "click" when I type, and I feel reassured.

05 APR 03 magazineColumn:
This was my idea for something of a newspaper/magazine column. It deals with social issues as they are affected by technology (i.e. trends, relationships. clothes).
Where is the line between chic and dork?

In a world where pocket CD-RW's are a must-have and models everywhere are wearing thick, dark-framed glasses, a question arises: Is it trendy to be a nerd?

Nerds will always stray away from pop culture, but as technology merges computers into mass society, techie toys become a part of everyone's lives. People carry computers in their palms, teenagers rely on MP3's instead of CD's, tapes, and records (what the heck is that?). Guys compare their souped up PC's instead of cars; I'm just waiting to hear "Hey baby, wanna check out my P IV 1.4 gig processor?"

The Sunday comics are now doused with computer related humor; Cathy has a crisis reformatting her hard drive; Andy Cap is too lazy to go to the bar, he takes up internet dating; Family Circus becomes a networked family, with a Linksys router, etc., etc.. I find myself reading WIRED a techie magazine (about electronic and computer accessories). I also skim Vogue, and laugh at the "relationships over email" column in Seventeen. I want a boyfriend for Valentine's Day so that I can give him a valentine burned onto a pink mini CD-R. Yes, I want a boyfriend for all of the wrong reasons. And I do think it would be cute for him to leave little messages on my PDA for me. I also want a Tux pajama shirt, but I need to learn Linux first. Tux is cute. I wonder about my motives.

Does that make me dorky, technologically inclined, or just plain trendy?

22 MAR 03 Love Tech:
because there's nothing like updating your webjournal on the airplane, taking digital pictures and all...

I arrived at the airport via limo, the driver wore a suit, stood outside the car waiting for me to arrive, and openned the door for me. At 12:30 noonish, all the cabs in providence were booked. Ironically traveling by limo to the airport was cheaper than cab. So it looks like limos for me for the rest of my RISD time.

I'm rapidly approaching fair Jacksonville par avion sitting in front of some annoying, loud kids. How can parents let their children behave that way? I'm just going to hope that they are flying solo, and are well mannered and polite in the presence of their parental units. Kick, kick, kick on the back of my seat.

Lay-over in Washington DC. Honestly, I expected more action, but the airport was much the same as other airports I have "laid-over."

21 MAR 03 "Celebrity" Encounter:
A journalist from W magazine and Women's Wear Daily visited our class, in particular, the seniors. Of course last week, MTV visited them...

20 MAR 03 Sleep:
6 hours in the last four days. Silly things I've done because I am tired: locked my roommate in my room, got lost on the street in front of my house, not recognized my own reflection.

a moment to reflect on the war, and thoughts to those who are participating....

The $10,000 Contest:
Perrier sponsored the second annual bubbling under contest. Criteria: create fashion designs for the future, present them in 3 to 5 sketches, accompanied by essays, diagrams, and swatches.

My Entry:
The dressSMART concept: She needs a dress, she logs onto the website dressSMART.com, she looks through thousands of dress designs, she purchases the one she wants using her credit card, the website sends the dress as a file to her computer, the file is printed and cut out on the special dressSmart printer, she assembles the pieces on an underdress, she is ready to go.

The pieces have high quality graphic images printed on a variety of fabrics (silk, leather, jersey knit, etc.). Anyone from the customer to a couture designer can create garment designs.


top right: design sketches
bottom left: presentation boards
background: garment flats (think blueprints for clothing)

14 MAR 03 Feeling:
Special/important. At this rate, I've been attending an art openning every week. The whole champaign and orderves things makes me feel like I am participating in a great lil' event.

Tonight my roommate and I were mistaken for two men. We were walking back from dinner and a girl yelled out the window at her, "hey baby, want a peice of this?" Sarah said she is commonly mistaken for a man in her winter garb, and I was pretty androgynous. We figured that the girl would not have yelled anything at a girl and guy. Therefore, it only follows that she thought we were both men, atleast one of us was attractive at that.

12 MAR 03 Fatigue:
Oh yes! In fact, sleep will be happenning presently.

I went to a club tonight with Erin, Marsha, and Stan. Oh my... I was just dancing along with this boy who smelled like glue, and he tried to kiss me. I averted my head in an attempt to miss the whole ordeal, but part of his mouth still landed in mine. He tasted like glue too. It was pretty bad(and don't go thinking I was a paste eater in preschool, one can assume how glue tastes).

But still, I had to leave at midnight, so I gave him a little hug, left promptly, and returned to my RISD work life. I felt like such a cinderella.


11 MAR 03 Seeking:
Sleep, and some insight into what my future job might be. But hey, I still have 2.37 years to figure it out.

I saw Martha Stewart today, my most favoritest person in the world. Anyone who knew me in high school can atest to the fact that I detest her. The lured me in with signs all over the school saying that Martha Stewart was giving a lecture about entrepreneuring. I was curious to see what she had to say given her general corporate success and recent legal plight. Instead she talked about her cats and inspirations for her ideas and designs.

09 MAR 03 Living Space:
working it's way towards clean- All I have left to do is vacuum. New additions of coasters on the wall, large sheets of white paper, and a hanging light on sale for $15 (originaly $60) are hopefully making it a more design friendly place. I'd promise pictures, but I am trying very hard not to make empty promises.

It's beyond New Years, but I find it high time to make some goals:

1. Stop letting dirty dishes pile up in my room.
2. Keep room clean, and contribute to general cleanliness of our house (i.e. continue my new found daily ritual of putting away the dishes in the morning).
3. Eat a balanced breakfast.
4. Stop eating food when I am not hungry.
5. Stop promising people I will do things that I don't have time to do.
6. Be prompt.

In the long run:

1. Enter the job world making atleast $100,000 a year (One of the job placement people wed, told us that $30,000 was a good starting price for an apparel designer. I want none of that. Perhaps more realistically I could settle for something in the 60-75,000 range, and would be just peachy with 75 and above.).

2. Thoughts of procreation have danced through my mind, after I made that costume for my little brother. Still, don't get your hopes up mom, this just means that I want to make costumes for little kids.

3. Buy my dad a ferrari, or some other really nice car of his choice. He might have to settle for a '71 camero (if he wants it in the next 7 years, that might be more in my price range).

07 MAR 03 Sleep: 19 hours- It just won't stop! Ok, so maybe the whole thing is catching up with me. Don't worry mom, I'm not sick.

Look, I am a South Park character (even though I don't really like the show). You can make yourself one too: http://www.planearium.de/flash/sp-studio.swf . (It doesn't really look like me, especially since I have curly hair. But the little redhaired goddess one looks a lot more convincingly like Gabby).

06 MAR 03 Sleep: 1 hour- perhaps old age is catching up with me, I'm not as lively as I usually am.
RISD Senior Industrial Design Show- The gallery openning was tonight, and I attended. I felt kinda special and neat, because I have been going to a gallery openning every week; they are sort of social events where champaign is served.

05 MAR 03 The Mood: Wavering- I'm usually so resolute about things, I've hit one of those bouts of everyone hates me, I'm failing, and I'm fat.

Candy says, "I've come to hate my body and all that it requires in this world..."

Right, well atleast no one thought I was a boy today. I feel like having a tantrum about life. I truly feel unloved, it's hinging on paranoia. Of course, I can't really tell if I actually feel that way, or if it is lack-of-sleep induced, weather, etc.. I'll get sleep on friday, and everything will return to "normal."

Sometimes, I am on such a high, I feel like I am this especially talented, intelligent individual who will go around changing the world by giving homeless people sidewalk chalk. I still have my secret dream of winning a Nobel Prize as a fashion designer. It'll happen, you just wait.

I am most certainly relaxing for this little hour between 1am and 2am, before I continue with my apparel design homework. The other day I was eating left over dimsum on a saucer and thinking how picturesque living in my white minimalist apartment room in our cute little grey and purple house (with a balcony and trees) in Providence is.

People should be online now for me to talk to, but how silly, they are all asleep. I return to work now, feeling happier since the ranting has passed.

03 MAR 03 Current Book: Shanghai Baby, it's charming and fabulous, and utterly about the me I would be... if I had the time
The man at public safety thought I was a boy.

02 MAR 03 Today's Weather: Rain on snow; the kinds of giant puddles that were absorbed by my jean ankles up to my thighs.


Boston and dimsum today with my roommate Kat. It was insanely wet; we walked passed a man with a plastic CVS bag on his head (the handles tied around his neck, two holes punched out for his eyes and one for his mouth).

oh my- do i need to clean up my room. Poor thing, it's really experiencing some issues.

Hi, I am Kat. Diana was trying to be all sly and sneak a picture of me. But as I am visibly posing, she failed miserably. If you are viewing this with 640 x 480 resolution, you can only see my hand.

01 MAR 03

  You might think the world of a fashion designer is filled with glamor. Yet my life is dedicated to creating hundreds of red-dotted muslin samplers. Each one is an investment of hours and only 1/2 or 1/4 of a garment (a rough draft).





oh muslin, oh joy! don't i look sexy in my little test oufit created from the cheapest fabric ever, so that if diana messes up she doesn't waste channel quality fabric.