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My grandmother, a math/computer science teacher, has most often been described as aristocratic. Before emigrating from China at 16, she was a famous concert pianist. People would attend her performances just to see what she was wearing.

We have so much in common. We buy the same Elsa Peretti jewelry, own the same digital cameras, the same PDA's, and for a while had the same hairstyle. She is 75 and drives a 350Z. People are constantly trying to drag race with her at stoplights. But she just takes her time.

17JAN A Bit of History
How I came to be Project Runway's Science Fair nerd through my grandmother and an article by Martin Gardner

When I was twelve, she became my mentor and began guiding research on my five-year science fair project. It started with an article she showed me on Spirolaterals by Martin Gardner. I wanted to discover something that no one else had. I had a plan. I figured that a twelve year old had a lot of free time while rocket scientists are quite busy working on important things. Therefore, I could choose something very unimportant and obscure to work on, something that scientists were unconcerned with. Then, by the lone fact that I would devote a large amount of time to the problem, I would be able to make the discovery.

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12JAN The Today Show
My life as a very minor celebrity
The Today Show- back stage at the Today Show is super nice. They have their own hair and make-up room, car service, loads of yummy eats, plus a wardrobe room (with every color thread imaginable to sew on fallen buttons). NBC really knows how to treat their guests. (Right: Here I am answering some extra questions.)
"Haute-Tech" Jewelry
Like the necklace I am wearing? It is a creation by Emily Albinski, (my partner for the inflatable dress on ID magazine). I love how she uses electronic parts as design elements. You can buy her fuse necklace here. You might recognize it from various episodes of project runway.


11JAN Future Me
The best is yet to come!

Thursday, Jan. 12, 2005, the TODAY SHOW- you can see me next on the TODAY SHOW, Thurs. morning at 9:35. I guest star on the first episode of iHeartSwitch, a do-it-yourself show that uses fashion to help girls become interested in technology. I helped to launch the site because interesting girls in science is a cause that I really believe in.

seamless- Mit's fashion show (see below).

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11JAN Project Runway Reflections
Some thoughts on how Project Runway has changed my life
Life as a very minor celebrity: I think that until you are very minorly famous, you don't realize how actually famous people like Heidi Klum are. My experience makes me feel small, because there are so many people above me stardom wise (not small in a bad way, just realizing the world is a larger place).

A death threat: I got my first death threat email. I found it sort of humorous. I can't actually afford a body guard on my measly just-graduated-from-college salary. So I put my death threat in my scrap book with all of my other "fanmail." I'm tempted to report them, but I feel as though the threatener was probably 12.

My first celebrity siting: A lady recognized me from Project Runway in the grocery store. As I've learned from watching the show, I'm not very good at concealing my facial expressions. I was really surprised that she recognized me, and I must have had an astonished look on my face. I think she was afraid she had freaked me out; she apologized a few times and then left. So after I got over my shock, I found her and gave her a button.

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10JAN Now For Sale
Just kidding!
Do you have a Dirty Diana in you? What's your story?


08JAN On Process
tra la la la la, random stuff here. I'm so excited, I've just started my new freelance job.
Ever wonder, "Exactly what am I purchasing?" When I buy something I always wonder how many steps are between what I've purchased and what I can create. Is my purchase something I could have created? And more importantly is it something I could have created for less than I payed for it?

Perhaps you are having those thoughts about a certain button. Well, said button started out as a sketch. The sketch was then scanned into the computer and traced in Adobe Illustrator to become a vector image. The image was emailed to for mass production. Finally they fund their way to the homes of lovely people.

Could you have created a button for less? Probably not. Even if you are a whiz with the computer it would still take you at least 15 min. to scan, "vectorize" your FASHION NERD sketch, and email it to busybeaver. And if you are that great at illustrator you probably make way more than $8 an hour (if you aren't, you should probably find a different job, hee hee). Therefore the FASHION NERD button would cost more than $2 to self-produce, making it a good buy.

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MIT's fashion show, Seamless V.2, coming FEB 1 06, Boston.
I hope to create something "special" this year but am feeling slightly limited by my lack of formal technical training. It's times like these when I wish I had a rich electrical/computer engineer boyfriend to collaborate with and fund my projects. We could be like Charles and Ray Eames.

pictured from Seamless V.1 (clockwise): Media Lab Lego Learning Laboratory a.k.a. dressing room, Closer by Alison Lewis (who shortly after joined forces with me to create iHeartSwitch), DJ, Emily Albinski and I prepping roommate JungIn You in our inflatable dress for photos by Kate Kunath... we never would have dreamed where the photos would end up!

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I told my little brother that a product is 80% presentation, prompting him to wrapped our presents like so. He is the true technologist of our family, and actually attends MIT… unlike some people (me). When he was younger he was quite the artist. But now he refuses to pick up a pencil for anything but math equations. I think eventually he will return to art since he spends an insane amount of time creating 3-d models on Autodesk Inventor.
25DEC Back-Dating Holidays
Happy Holidays, and in my case, Merry Christmas
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. .

My collection was called goddess. It was inspired by the strapping pattern of a Roman sandal and the draping of a stola (the toga equivalent for women). I wanted to make sexy underwear that had the comfort of a sports bra. So the underwear and bras are made out of a comfortable knit.

22DEC Team Challenge
Anyone notice that I am "sniffly" and that my voice sounds funny? I had a really bad cold during the entire filming. I was constantly consuming cough drops.
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15DEC The Barbie Challenge
And what a challenge indeed!

Though I received many Barbies as b-day/x-mas gifts, I never played with them. I preferred 6"x3"x1" building blocks. I loved to try different configurations to see which would allow me to build the tallest tower (my record: 4'8"). However, I did make lots of clothing out of felt for trolls. Maybe that's why I chose that giant felted piece of eyelet red wool.

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To represent myself as a designer, I created a conceptual piece with magnets (to represent that extra scientific interest)
Tim's Take: Her skirt was another matter: a double-layer that could be transformed, through the utilization of magnets, into a single layer with wing-like panels in the back. "It's a concept," she said to me. Really? A concept or a gimmick? And the magnets failed.

Tim brings up a good point, which is that technology, when paired with fashion, is often gimmicky. You could put sequins on a shirt instead of LED's and achieve a similar sparkling effect with a lot less wiring. But by combining technology with fashion, I'm given the chance to invent something. The real challenge is combining technology with fashion in ways that people can relate to. I'm still looking for a solution, and learning a lot from Tim's words of wisdom.



on page 42
TV Guide, in news stands this week. Eep, I really can't spell.

  See how I am precariously positioned standing near the edge of my platform block. I am unaccustomed to wearing tall shoes so I was horrified the whole time that I was going to fall off and twist my ankle.

It took over an hour to arrange this shot. You stand there, and the photographer folks move you around to achieve correct ratio of heights and strategic positioning of color so that the viewer's eye will move around and look at all of our "lovely" faces.

Being photographed was an awkward experience for me. A lot of the cast have been professional models and I of course have not. I was really surprised that the photographers don't arrange you in the exact position they want you to be in.

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30NOV Brains VS. Beauty
Which draws more attention from NYC street passerby's

In my average daily stroll with glasses, I attract catcalls from about 1-3 degenerate men and the occasional sexual harassment of "accidental" inappropriate touching. In a day around the city all dolled up with contacts, make-up and heels, I get rubber-neckers, 5-8 catcalls from men who are practically sober, and at least one guy who tries to speak to me in Spanish (I don't know why people think I look Hispanic). Now as a disclaimer I must state that I am not that attractive and that I live in a city brimming with models who should be absorbing all of the attention of the degenerate and practically sober men. I think that I fall into the more approachable category of not model looking, yet slightly above average.

So today, I felt like hiding from attention in my MIT sweatshirt and was surprised to receive 5 catcalls and several comments from passerby "wow, that girl's smart." I think MIT sweatshirt has become my new first date outfit. If only I had attended MIT…

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What A Friend!

A while back, I had told Lrand that according to the forums, I am the less attractive Asian. Upon seeing the Project Runway 2 subway posters (shown below), LRand writes in her journal that she has taken it upon herself to do the following:

" I've gone to work vandalizing as many of those posters as I can with "HOTTT!" and arrows pointing to Di. Hoping to start a graffiti dialogue or something. Yeah."

What a great friend!

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
A bit inconvenient, but oh-so-aesthetically pleasing


I spent last month dating Mr. OCD. While he was an immediate winner because of his sexy glasses, I was also keen on him because he has medically diagnosed obsessive compulsive disorder. Visiting his apartment is all sorts of awesome, because everything is lined up and evenly spaced. Even the dirty forks and spoons in his sink are rinsed off and in a nice neat row. It's the designer's dream, like real life minimalism. I conducted little experiments all the time, by moving things in his house ever so slightly to see if he moved them back. I don't think he enjoyed that much, and we broke up. So the moral of the story is, even if it's for scientific reasons, I probably shouldn't do mini-experiments on people I am dating.


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In NYC Subway Stations
I was sitting in the subway with the tech support ex (because we are rk. climbing buddies) when I saw me passing by in the window. It was every 3rd advertisement. And I kept pointing and screaming, "look there's me." Then people on the subway started staring at me, and I embarassed tech support ex.

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I was a guest critic at Parsons fashion and technology grad. class. And my fellow guest critic was Alyce Santoro, creater of sonic fabric, and the oh-so-famous Phish/fish dress worn by Jon Fishman. The fabric is woven electromagnetic tape. The magnetic reader can be dragged across the fabric of the dress to play music (as shown above).

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You may be wondering how lil' old me got invited to Heidi Klum's Halloween party. Back in April/May, I decided to go to a Project Runway II casting call. My years of procrastination have helped me learn how to sew super fast to turn in the projects that are due the next day. Since Project Runway is a timed competition I thought, "Hey, I might as well try out… because it would be hilarious if I were on television."

So here I am (photographed by the lovely Kate Kunath) waiting in line in an outfit that took me three hours to pick out. I wanted to convey the perfect balance of fashion and nerd… only I hadn't slept in several days, so the outfit just looked weird. But what do you know, I made it on the show. It'll be airing Dec. 7th at 10 pm on Bravo.

Project Runway II
starring Diana Eng, me




Andrae Gonzalo, 32 :: Los Angeles, CA
Kara Janx, 29 :: Johannesburg, South Africa
Nick Verros, 38 :: Los Angeles, CA
Emmett McCarthy, 42 :: New York, NY
Heidi Standridge, 25 :: Atlanta, GA
Guadalupe Vidal, 29 :: Los Angeles, CA
Zulema Griffin, 28 :: New York, NY
Daniel Vosovic, 24 :: New York, NY
John Wade, 24 :: Los Angeles, CA
Marla Duran, 51 :: Allentown, PA
Santino Rice, 30 :: Los Angeles, CA
Kirsten Ehrig, 37 :: Los Angeles, CA
Diana Eng, 22 :: Jacksonville, FL
Daniel Franco, 31 :: Los Angeles, CA
Raymundo Baltazar, 24 :: Los Angeles, CA
Chloe Dao, 33 :: Houston, TX

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Heidi Klum's
Halloween Party


right: Danny and me (in lightning bug costume). BTW, to all you cute punk rock boys, Danny's single.

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  I've been invited to Heidi Klum's Halloween party which is supposedly one of the biggest parties in NYC. It would be the perfect opportunity to network, except that I am socially awkward. Since I'm too shy to approach strangers, I've decided to dress up as a lightning bug. This will be the equivalent of wearing a big neon sign since the costume will light up using 25 ft. of el wire.

Heidi Klum's
Halloween Party Invite

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27OCT Design Monkey
What is good design? And why I am it's bitch.

How do you explain good design? I lay in bed at night with my "good design" stuffed animal (a well proportioned monkey who's head, body and legs have a 1:1 ratio, and his arms have a 1.5:1 ratio to his body) reading my "good design" magazine (ID magazine). And ID magazine is indeed the ultimate all around good design magazine. I was flipping through it on the subway and some man was like, "what magazine is that, it is so colorful and pretty." I'm such a sucker for the aesthetically pleasing. But does it come down to being a mathematical ratio? Even matching colors are mathematically related on a color scale. Or just something eye catching. Or is it the mathematical ratio that makes things eye-catching? Well, we'll find out when someone writes a program to replace graphic designers.


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