Teachers Seating Charts Software Programs

Mac Seat'em, Mac Seats, Easy Seats for Windows


Great Seating Chart Program quickly creates versatile charts.

Seating and Drilling Programs (see sample chart below):

MacSeats (for Macintosh Classic) & Easy Seats (for Windows) and now Seating & Drilling for Mac OSX Tiger that will import your class lists from Text files from grading programs, and quickly add the students' names to your class room seating arrangements. Or you may type in the names yourself.

Names can be added randomly or alphabetically. Classes may be randomized at any time for new charts.

You can arrange your rooms in any format you like. The room arrangements and seating charts can be edited by dragging with the mouse. Kids can be exchanged, added or deleted. Spaces for attendance or tardies may be included.  Example:

You may change the size of the desk squares, the fonts, and font sizes.

For a new chart, use the Randomize or Alphabetize command. It's fun to use! You may have a maximum of 100 seats.

Fun Class Drilling Program (included):

Class Drill randomly displays in LARGE FONT the students' names onto your computer or LCD screen. This can be used for calling on kids for drills, selecting cooperative learning groups or any other activities where fun, hi-tech, impartial calling is needed. The kids don't argue with The Computer.

You can also create lists of vocabulary words or short questions that can be called upon the screen for the kids to answer as their names are called up. Much fun to use.

The Manuals and Suggestions are found in the HELP Menus.

The Drilling programs are included as a package.