This is a Mangel's Carousel built in 1921 for the Cincinnati Ohio Zoo where

Children enjoyed it until 1968. At that time Jim Hennon purchased It for his

business  named PJ's Carousel Village in Newbern, Virginia were it ran until       

Hurricane Hugo rendered it inoperable in 1988.

     We (Don and Monique Moore) purchased the carousel on January 2, 1992,

then  began restoration on the carousel in May and had it operable by August 

of 1993. All ten sections of the platform have been replaced with solid oak and

all the ponies were stripped and repainted also new brass poles and canvas top

were added. Then in 1998 the rounding boards and shields were added and in

1999 pictorial scenes  added to the rounding boards. It has operated seasonally

at the Stone Zoo since 1995, we hope to find a year round location for the

carousel so it can be enjoyed all year round.