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Prayer Prescription for This Date

PRAYER Rx --- October 2

Dear Lord God, hear our prayers. Help us to see ourselves as You see us, and to weep! ... We have tried to usurp Your position and Your authority. How we must grieve You! ... You see the arrogance of many of our nation's leaders and opinion formers, both inside and outside of our government. They assume and believe that as a nation we have outgrown You, and so have factored You out of their equations. They seek to replace You with a centrally controlled and "fathering" government that alone knows best. They vision a "new order" that exalts materialism, and legalizes and declares "normal" what You have called sin. ... Wake us up as citizens, and wake us up who call ourselves Christians, Your church and Your people. We have together become a party to our nation's downfall by promoting, or accepting these changes, or we have been deceived by our lack of knowledge, and have been reluctant to defend Your truth. ... Open our eyes to see what we as a nation have become. Help us to truly seek Your forgiveness, lest we suffer Your severe mercy. ... Remind us that You have said that You cannot, and You will not tolerate sin!

In the name of Jesus we pray.


© 2000 by D. L. Hammond, Permission to copy granted for noncommercial use.