Prayer for this date

Prayer Prescription for This Date

PRAYER Rx --- October 6

Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for blessings, and You send me opportunities! I ask for help, and You send a friend who "just happened to drop by!" In so many ways, Lord, You are there for me, sometimes before I realize that I am in over my head and need Your guidance! In big or little things, You are there. ... Help me to see these encounters as evidence of Your presence, Your love, and Your concern, and help me to remember always to give You thanks. ... More and more I realize that there is no such thing as luck or coincidence; for a believing Christian, it's always Your shepherding presence. ... My life is so much richer, happier, and more peaceful, since I have recognized Jesus as my daily companion and friend! I want to share the "good news," so that others may know Him too. Help us all to continue to grow in our faith, and to learn to praise You in all things.

In Jesus' holy name I pray.


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