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Prayer Prescription for This Date

PRAYER Rx --- October 10

Dear Lord God, what, if anything, do we as a nation hold sacred today? Not You, Lord God, and not our flag! For as a nation, we often turn to You only in times of crisis. We hear Your name taken in vain in everyday life, and in movies and on TV. ... We no longer honor our flag and observe the rules for its display and use as we once did. Today we see the flag made into bikinis and other wearing apparel, and we allow it to be burned as a sign of protest. ... Yet in our Pledge of Allegiance, we still say that we are "one nation under God." We have tried to destroy any reference to You in our schools, and have taken the Bible out of many of our school libraries, denying our young people the freedom to learn its contents. ... Our Senate still opens its sessions with a prayer by its Chaplain, and yet our teenagers must go outside their schools to pray! ... No one should be forced to pray, but to be denied the right to pray shows that we have forsaken You and our Christian heritage. ... Unless we, who call ourselves Your people, unite and stand together to bring us back to sanity, then as a nation that holds nothing sacred, we are in danger of facing the penalty of Your judgment. ... Help us, Lord God, to see this before it is too late!

In Jesus' name we pray.


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