Prayer for this date

Prayer Prescription for This Date

PRAYER Rx --- January 2

Dear Lord, sometimes we don't listen, or don't comprehend, or almost subconsciously tune out Your words, thinking, "those words must be for someone else." ... Forgive us Lord, for often being like a flock of ducks that listened to a pastor's sermon, and heard him tell them that they could fly! ... Then on the way out of the church, they said to each other: "Wasn't that a good sermon?" - as they waddled on home. ... Oh Lord, help me to see that unless I listen to Your Word on Sundays, and unless I take it in, seek the Holy Spirit's guidance, and let it penetrate the depths of my spirit, then on Mondays I will be no different than the ducks. If I am to increase my faith, then I must be open to growth, for You have a greater vision for me than to see me aimlessly waddle through my life. ... Open my eyes, Lord, and let me desire all that You have for me.

In the name of Jesus I pray.


© 1999 by D. L. Hammond, Permission to copy granted for noncommercial use.