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PRAYER Rx --- October 23

Dear Lord, ... why? Just when I thought I was making some progress in becoming a better Christian, why do I find a house painter who never keeps an appointment on time, who also gets half-way through a job and then loses the code number of his paint? Lord, why is it that I find Your strength and assistance to weather the really serious crises in my life and then dissolve into hysterics over the disarray caused by my three-week's dealings with one elusive painter? ... Could it be, Lord, that there is something I have yet to learn, such as humility, patience, and forgiveness? Could it be that now I can better comprehend the profound way in which You exercised patience at the time of Your crucifixion? ... Even though my problems are small, perhaps I too need to learn to pray, "Father forgive him, even though he seems not to know what he is doing." Thank You for listening, Lord.

In Jesus' name I pray.


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