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Prayer Prescription for This Date

PRAYER Rx -- October 27

Dear Lord Jesus, this week, help each of us to prepare to consider some serious questions that we face as citizens and voters in our beloved nation. ... Remind us that there is a time to "turn the other cheek," and a time to defend Your moral principles! ... You said that You always consulted God the Father, and then acted according to His will. ... You were seen standing firmly against the money-changers in the temple because they were desecrating Your Father's house! ... Lord Jesus, what of our nation today? Is nothing sacred any more? Is nothing either right or wrong? Is nothing worth the risk of defending? Are honesty and character no longer important? Can a nation long exist without these virtues? ... Help us, Lord Jesus, to humble ourselves individually and to seek the Father's will for our lives and for our nation, and to pray for the courage to make responsible decisions concerning what is best for our nation, and for our children. ... Only then can we be worthy to receive both Your love and Your blessing.

In Your holy name we pray.


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