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Prayer Prescription for This Date

PRAYER Rx --- October 29

Dear Lord, a wise man was once quoted as saying, "Men do not grow in stature unless they align themselves with a noble faith!" Another unknown author observed that: "A nation that does not know its heritage does not understand its present, or know where it is headed!" ... Lord, help us to open our eyes to see the circumstances in which we find ourselves today. Help us to recall that our nation once considered human life to be a precious gift from You, and thus sacred! ... We also believed that You created man to have dominion over the animals. ... Have we so quickly discarded Your Word, and substituted a form of pantheism today? Are nature and animals becoming our "new gods?" ... How can we approve of partial- birth abortions for our human babies when we won't allow such cruelty to animals? Oh Lord, open our eyes to see how we as a nation must grieve You! Help us to realize that our nation is being led away from You, and that it is we who have moved, for You do not change! ... Forgive us for trying to re-write Your Word to suit our desires and our vices! Help us to see that Your ways are best for us and for our nation, before we bring on our own downfall!

In Jesus' holy name we pray.


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