Prayer Prescription for This Date

PRAYER Rx --- December 14  

Dear Lord Jesus, remind me that Christmas can be a happy time for families, or it can be a sad time for those who are alone, separated by miles, or threats of war, or divorce or circumstances. ... In whatever category I fit, help me to see that I can be as happy as my soul* will let me be. The choice is mine, isn't it? No matter what my circumstances, the choice of attitude is still mine. There are always blessings to be counted. Help me to realize that because You lived, I can receive Your gifts of faith and salvation, and the comfort and guidance of the Holy Spirit - gifts for 365 days of every year, truly the greatest gifts of all.  

In Your name I pray. Amen.  

* (Mind, will and emotions)


© 2005 by D. L. Hammond, Permission to copy granted for noncommercial use.