Prayer Prescription for This Date

PRAYER Rx --- March 5

Most Gracious Heavenly Father, if as Watchman Nee has written, "You have indeed chosen this world to be the arena for Your plan, the center of what You have set Yourself to do," then help me to trust You completely. ... Help me to remember that moral excellence, like a good painting, begins by drawing a guideline; and remind me that You have already drawn that line! You have set limits for mankind's conduct, and for mine. ... Help me to see that it is only when I try to live within Your parameters that I can enjoy my greatest fulfillment and worth. ... Help us as a nation, as a church, and as individuals to try to see things from Your point of view, lest by insisting on our own "guide-lines," we bring on our downfall. ... Help us to wake up before we are overwhelmed by our mistakes.

In Jesus' name I pray.


© 2003 by D. L. Hammond, Permission to copy granted for noncommercial use.